:: 6.6.12 (same same + each other) ::

~ Sitting in the Bird’s Nest for Sunrise ~

i have been so blessed to be able to, in ten days, see the sun set over the beaches of Canggu and watch it rise again over the mountaintops of Mount Batukaru. to hear the sounds of the chickens crowing, the insects fluttering, motos in the distance, something diving into tree branches…what is that? a giant bug? no, it’s my first bird! could that really be the first bird that i’ve seen here at Bali Mountain Retreat (and all while sitting in what is called The Bird’s Nest???) it sang a little song. i stopped myself from killing a mosquito. a single tear fell from my right eye.

i think it’s probably just the release from the two-hour hot stone massage last night and waking up this early at 6am, but it was fascinating that it just happened nonetheless. it is a strange sensation to cry when one doesn’t feel sad. i’ve always noticed that i tend to cry more when people are being really nice to me than when they are being mean. i find this strange that human kindness can more likely move me to tears. and now, just by existing in a land of goodness, my body is experiencing the same effect.

my face is still wet from that tear drop.

and i have a crazy feeling in the pit of my stomach…

another pattern that i noticed on the occasions that i traveled to Southeast Asia, is that my body starts to freak out approximately two days before i am scheduled to leave. notably, both trips were also three weeks long. i will spare you the gory details but it is stomach-related and it is no fun.

i feel that i should go to the toilet. but the sun is still rising! but i guess it is always rising…

as i had the thought, remember, i have all the time in the world to see the sun rise, that feeling in my body subsided. and a glow from the sun covered the left side of my face. its beams are caught in the strands of my curls hanging from the right side, the feminine side of my head…like a spiderweb of sunlight, emanating from the top of my own personal mountain.

like Selk said, when Enlightening me about Deep Ecology, “Think like a Mountain.” if i am a Mountain and i am connected to all things, to the Earth, to the Sky, then everything affects me and i can change the world by how i choose to grow, how i care for my self and other living creatures and beings. i am rooted in the Earth and i can reach the Sky. if i can radiate strands of light from the topmost parts of my being, that energy is set to radiate as far out as i can send it. i take great power in the cosmos because i am so close to it all. the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the other Planets—they feed me and in return. i transform this energy into creativity. i accept its power and i share it with the human world.

this conversation is the intersection where the two worlds meet. it is the portal of humankind and the spiritual realm.

the door has been blown open before me. i walk through it and my mountain body urges it open a little more to make some more room. i am going to leave it open should you journey to find it…and decide to enter and make the uphill climb. it is beautiful once you get to the top…

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