welcome to the wonderful world of Lobsterbird

a sacred realm where we can co-exist with paradox and transmute fears into transcendence.

my name is Lobsterbird and i assist spiritual seekers in fulfilling their Soul’s Purpose on this planet.

i work on three levels:

  1. guiding spiritual creatives to phase out of their jobs into careers they love that change the world.
  2. unlocking portals for established entrepreneurs and changemakers to wormhole to the next level of their career.
  3. activating the world’s emerging leaders to go beyond, to embody the enlightened wisdom of who they are on the highest level.

choose your own adventure

i believe creativity is the very spark of our enlightened nature ready to burst forth into a forest fire of awakening.
pilgrimage is the fastest path to transformation. whether it’s on incredible adventures to sacred places with our extraordinary community or via Virtual Pilgrimages where you can travel without ever leaving home, everything is here for you to find your unique path.

taking the leap

if you take the leap, your Hero’s Journey will ignite those creative fires of enlightenment and transform every aspect of your life. what if you could truly have a thriving career, financial freedom, total health, vitality, and an abundance of loving relationships?
well, you can. when we collaborate with the quantum field, the possibilities are endless. walking the path fully connected to Spirit along the way provides constant guidance. your Soul knows every twist and turn to get you where you want to be. it only takes following your Soul’s Call to Adventure and taking a leap in the direction of your dreams.
you can join Lobsterbird here on the pilgrimage trail to learn how to combine your creativity and spiritual path into the greatest journey yet.

embody your highest potential.

level up in all areas of your life.

co-create a new earth.

your path unfolds here: step into your power. welcome your becoming.