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Sophia is a multimedia artmaker working at the intersections of art/science, performing/visual arts, and nature/technology/spirituality. Every project has a compassionate social action component—encouraging a deeper reflection of our world, our selves within it, and how we can consciously co-create sacred world in the everyday. This results in environmental experiences that explore energy, alter perception, and lead to new ways of being. 

Art Experiences / Performances

Social Action Art Video

Artifact of Past Experience

Lobsterbird Artifact by Lobsterbird

The Elephant Emancipation Project

We live in a world where power is in the hands of the few. The Elephant Emancipation project addresses forced labor that generates oppression and dis-ease. Working in a small village in Thailand, our team is collaborating with the elephants and mahouts who care for them to build humane elephant enclosures, engage healing resources, and ultimately, provide a compassionate and sustainable way to thrive as a coherent community. Elephant Emancipation provides a model for new modes of co-existence and community building applicable to a wide variety of social issues to benefit the earth’s collective.

Elephant Emancipation Video

Grow My Food

Food Security and Sovereignty: that’s what we do at Grow My Food Headquarters. A community of like-spirited “Garden Warriors” heaven-bent on helping everyone on the planet grow their own food. We connect farmers and permaculture experts with people who want to start individual and community gardens. Agency over our own ability to nourish ourselves leads to greater health and abundance for the planet.

Grow My Food Site

The Co-Creation Project

This is a brand new project calling all artists, creatives, healers, scientists, entrepreneurs and more—to come together and train in new modes of environmental empathy, creativity, and collaboration to co-create a new earth! We will create a new project together that addresses environmental and social issues, resulting in a shared experience that allows participants to envision and act from quantum consciousness embodied in full beingness.

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Care Bear Stare

Fields of Decay

Fields of Decay is an on-going project mapping the electromagnetic fields of sites of environmental endangerment. Testing the energies of decay and destruction, in relationship to human energy and interaction. The long-term vision for Fields of Decay is to create a body of work that encourages people to see their impact on the environment from a new perspective of interconnectedness and empathic response, co-creating new solutions from these deeper levels of awareness.

Fields of Decay Original Site

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