Rebirth Rewild Rewrite

i can feel the warmth of sacred Cacao bursting from my heart into my fingers as i write to you. usually i prefer the embodied art of pen to paper, but one must ride the flow where it goes.

today it sparks into the computer to reignite the dying embers of this Lobsterbird blog. it has been nearly too long. and yet, i am stoked.

i know i’m supposed to start off with a catchy headline. a hook to grab your attention. something dramatic or thought-provoking. perhaps a thesis, and then unpacking that into neatly arranged points that prove something or other.

i’m weary from doing what i’m supposed to. i can only do and be what is.

perhaps you’ve already given up on me because i’m not following the rules of engagement.

it’s okay. i’m used to expressing my self into the void. nature abhors a vacuum. so i still feel seen and witnessed by so many unembodied beings and by my self, really, a fractal projected into a house of mirrors.

i write for me. i write for you. even if you don’t read it, i write for us all.

if you are still here, if somehow the magic of phenomenal reality created shimmering threads of connection stronger than any shackles of oppression, i am so happy to be with you.

perhaps you too have given up on the illusion of freedom we’ve been sold at the cost of our souls. perhaps there are whiffs and hints of something glorious lurking just beneath the surface of our awareness, waiting to be discovered.

floating together in this liminal space of musing—a-musement—if you will, let’s ride together on the wind and see where it takes us.

seems a fitting place to begin, since that’s where it all began.

Top Three FAQ’s:


  1. Where are you?
  2. What are you doing there?
  3. What’s going on with your business/the Reiki/mushrooms/etc.? (insert whatever activity is perceived i am up to, depending on the perceiver.)

i will attempt to answer these in due time, or perhaps every time, and especially in relationship to how these details contribute to the happiness, wellbeing, and liberation of all beings. ✨🙏✨

 for now, the Cacao beans and Reishi mushrooms would like me to say this:

we are better together.

the Age of Separateness is dying a slow, resistant death. however, unlike your creativity, once extinguished, there will be no flame.

thousands of years of systematic oppression are not undone in one night. it will require bravery and stamina. it will require letting go. it will require radical new ways of being and relating.

fear not, for it is already happening. and you, my dear, were made for these times—to build a new hearth that we all can call home.

photo: Marisa Ruglio

this astrology seems fitting, finding this report just before sharing this space with you:

A heads up……Re-Emergence
Although we experienced a breath of fresh air at the Aries Equinox on March 21st, we are still at the critical threshold point of the whole astrological year. The period between the New Moon in Pisces and April 12th’s New Moon in Aries is a time of dissolution of the whole cycle of the preceding year, allowing new energy to begin to arise from 11/12th April onwards with the 22 Aries New Moon.
Don’t try to jump ahead or push the river, aborting the last crucial stage of alchemical change. Instead, allow this week’s liminal space to bring profound insights into what the waning cycle of the last year since March 2020 has been about and what the newly-constellating one might bring. Re-emergence takes as much, if not more, psychic energy than hibernation, as you allow your compass to re-set to Self as Source.
A Super Conjunction of Chiron/Mercury/Ceres/Sun/Moon/Eris and Venus starts the new cycle of the Astrological New Year with a firework display at the Aries New Moon.

this is where i find my self on this snowy mountaintop in the Catskills. sending you some fireworks of love!


this has been a test of the non-emergency broadcasting system: let’s see where this signal goes.

if you’ve tuned in thus far, know that i see you and love you.

if you didn’t, know that i see you and love you.

this concludes Transmission #1. perhaps the next one will be more practical…

…perhaps not!i do also have some wild revelations and out there experiments to share…😘❤️✨

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