Feel Your Way Beyond the Veil

for you starry beings in human form :

~ The Astro and Collective Earth Energy Report ~


the winds of change wail.

earth’s soil begs for restoration.

emotions crash like waves upon our shore.

the fire purifies all that cannot serve henceforth.


above, below, and so within,

we value all and begin again.

All Hail! These Wild Times Call for Our Attention!


we are being forced to come more in tune with the natural world—the cycle of seasons, the astral influences, the Earth’s energetics. we could continue to resist, holding onto an old way of living—one that could hardly be called life.

or we could surrender to the shift, which would swoop us into a portal directly into the Otherworld.

this is the possibility of the present moment. is it frightening to let go of all we think we know? all that we think we are?

ego would say so. it would concoct stories that poison our hearts and prevent us from brewing the medicine needed to heal the wounds of false perception.

in the spirit of 2020, the Year of Great Purification, all the ghosts of thousands of years of patriarchal oppression—the colonizing, capitalizing, and controlling in the pursuit of “progress”—all of those who have died, choked by these ideals + all the energy fueling these actions beneath the surface—are all rising up.

we can either be haunted or healed.

the choice is entirely up to us.

we are offered a rare opportunity as the veil thins this Halloween.

Looking to the Sky


October 31st is a “Blue Moon,” the second full moon of October. (the first was on the 1st!) the last Blue Moon that occurred was in 1944.

a Blue Moon means there are four full moons in a season instead of three. this full moon definitely feels a little…extra…

this Full Moon is in the sign of Taurus conjunct Uranus, the Great Awakener. They are opposite the Sun in Scorpio. They are trine Lilith, Isis, and Hekate.

this explains a lot. ✨👇✨

Grounded Here On Earth


life on this planet is a doozy. what’s not happening right now?

the aura of this cosmic configuration illuminates this Halloween (which originated from the Celtic celebration of Samhain) and radiates through the Day of the Dead, the U.S. presidential elections, wildfires and other environmental calamities rage on, COVID continues, and revolution is being sparked worldwide. let’s also not forget we’re still in the midst of Mercury/Mars Retrograde and a whole other confluence of cosmic events.

[for more on this see my post: Cosmic Intensity Abounds!]

Taurus represents our grounding, stability, and security. that which we value, what is beautiful, what blooms with  life. the Moon is our emotions, how we feel (especially about our deepest personal needs and how we see ourselves.)

this is being shaken up and destabilized by Uranus, Master of the Sudden and Unexpected. it feels like the Awakener is grabbing self by the horns, looking deep into our subconscious, and commanding it to rise to the surface. to reflect all of what we need to see on the silvery surface of the moon, while a Scorpio(n)pokes and pinches us with its merciless claws.

across the waters we have the Sun blazing in the depths of Scorpio’s Underworld. illuminating every single thing we did not want to look at.

we may be tempted to get sucked into the external events of the world around us but remember this: you are the world. rely on what your psyche has to reveal. and FEEL IT ALL.

Scorpio’s element may seem like it would be fire but it’s not. Scorpio is a water sign. perhaps the most intense watery force, like the utter blackness of the sea or crashing tides transforming the face of rocky cliffs. deep psychic waters are raging. the way beyond it is through.

this is a moon challenging our emotions. the tango-like dance leading us this way and that.

this way (the old way) = allowing our emotions to subconsciously control our lives and create the world around us without our conscious collaboration.

that way (the new frontier) = allowing our selves to experience the unseen world and utilize its vast energies for the benefit of all.

the key to mastering the dance: allow it to flow through you as you stay grounded in your center and virtuosic in surrender.

Tools for Traveling Beyond


through November 3rd, the veil will be particularly thin. this journey to the Otherworld is definitely to the Underworld.

if you feel fear, all the more important to go there and see what it has to teach you.

there is also some powerful goddess energy in the mix with Lilith, Isis, and Hekate dancing the Triple Goddess dance of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. you can rest in the bosom of their wild and wondrous, fierce and loving blessings. Allow for feminine magic to light the way.

great insights are available to you at this time in the realms of sexuality, creativity, shadowy depths and illuminated truths. you are being called to bring forth what is out of this world into this one. to make “real” your deepest soul desires and abundant energy. to do so, we must purify with the current waters and witness the changing tides.

we cannot be reborn without dying first.

this is the transformation we’ve been praying for.

if we can allow it, we will return to a new world in ways we have only yet imagined.


Tips for the Time Being:

✨remain grounded and clear

✨disconnect from the social scrolling and “news” feed

✨connect with the earth

✨receive messages and aid from spirit animals and guides that you trust

✨drink extra water (extra!)

✨eat nourishing food

✨sleep as much and as often as you need—subconscious portals are access points to the Otherworld!

we are co-creating a world that values more than what we’ve been taught, beyond only what we can experience through our senses. use all your senses to experience more than what you’ve been told is “real.” stay grounded in your body and your truth.

by doing so, we generate new value systems. the structures to support it unfold from there. may your journeys beyond the veil benefit all! ✨🙏💗✨

if you need additional grounding support and inspiration on your Soul Path, join our free Samhain Sacred Circle for a Shamanic Journey and Ancestral Healing beyond the veil. there’s even a watery ritual perfect for these times: DIY Holy Water! ✨🤩✨

go forth unto the Otherworld with Full Moon Samhain blessings! know you are protected, safe, and loved.

we get literally this chance for epic transformation once in a Blue Moon!

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