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welcome to the wonderful world of the Lobsterbird—a sacred realm where we can co-exist with paradox and transmute fears into transcendence.

my name is Sophia Remolde and i guide spirit-centered creatives to phase out of their jobs into careers they love that change the world.

if you are ready to step into your light and shift into a world of love, let’s do it! together, we can connect with the quantum field of infinite possibility that is waiting for us to call upon it. what this means is: when we work consciously with energy, we can literally co-create the world we want to see.

i look forward to creating a sacred world with you. it is the most magical way we can use our precious time here on this earth.

– Sophia Remolde, Spiritual Bad-Ass

i’m cracking up because my website creator put in this placeholder for client testimonials. of which i have a lot of amazing ones. written ones. audio ones. video ones that would all make you want to drop everything else right now and work together toward realizing your dreams.

thing is, i couldn’t bring my self to share them. not because they’re not amazing. not because i don’t value the transformation my amazing Heroes underwent.

 i won’t post testimonials because i feel like they’re manipulative. when you read them, the experience of others will influence you to make a decision. marketers rely on this to get you to buy stuff. it is my firm belief that no one should have to convince you of anything or else it’s not for you.

i want you to know from the depths of your soul that we are meant to join forces and work together. that testimonial is the only one that matters.

i would never call my self a spiritual bad-ass either. but Chris did and it makes me laugh so i’m going to leave it. 

– Sophia Remolde, Spiritual Bad-Ass