New Moon 2020

Cosmic Intensity Abounds!

Here’s What’s Happening:

October’s New Moon in Libra is a midpoint between two full moons, both in October, a tipping point balancing on the razor’s edge. this moon is conjunct the Sun and Haumea, bringer of epochal events (like Hiroshima and the 2004 tsunami.) she also comes with a whole host of huge planetary activity, aspecting Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn + Mars conjunct Eris in Aries + North Node of Fate in Gemini.
Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio. Mars is retrograde in Aries. Moon is opposing Mars, Eris, Chiron, AND Lilith!
holy cosmic whammy. if it seems like a lot, that’s because it is. i’ll break it down for ya.

What This Mean Collectively:

Libra represents the scales of justice. balance, harmony, diplomacy. this is where we are heading.
so it’s no surprise that this is all amping up to the U.S. elections. however, it’s not just about one country. this is a performance playing out on the world stage for us all to learn from so we can be a unified planetary alliance.
before we can get there, all of these other aspects are here to shake things up and reveal what we need to see and who we need to be to ensure that peaceful co-existence becomes the physical reality for all.
there are wars being fought underneath the surface. entities vying for power at the expense of others. looking to colonize space instead of healing the oppression we’ve enacted here on this planet. opening potent portals without proper attention to deeper implications. transmitting signals to keep us distracted from signing peace treaties with the real wars within.
the only world that is going to benefit all is the one where each one of us is liberated.

What This Means Individually:

be still they heart. literally. slow it down. find that place of stillness to take refuge as worlds spin around us generating great change.
inner work is key. do your spiritual practices. be gentle but stay committed to discovering your own truth. shadow work, breathwork, meditation, journeying, dreamwork—these are a few practices that may serve you during this time. turn off the “news.” prioritize what works for you. sleep more if you need to.
ground in the body, in the earth. there’s a lot of geo-physical disturbances reverberating. it may feel uncomfortable making us want to check out. going deeper in is actually more stabilizing to the force.
clear your energy. drink more water. let go of anything blocking you from boldly going down your soul path to liberation. allow what you’re not yet seeing to come into clear focus. release it with the intention to be who you came to this planet to be. you’ll have chances very soon to act accordingly.
what you do now matters because the world is a reflection of your essence. the universe is reflecting what we need to know to purify and rest in our true nature. go forth and achieve liberation in your own psyche and all else shall unfold.
i love you so much. wishing you peace and clarity amidst great chaos and change. ✨💗✨

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