The Glorious (and Gory) Story

Being sent on a Spirit Quest to do seva (service) for the Asian Elephants of Thailand, I had little idea of what that meant. I had only a remembrance that I had been there 10 years ago. At that time, my heart was calling me to ride an elephant in the jungles of Chiang Mai, which dramatically changed the course of my life in an amazing way. I learned how to follow the call of my heart, even if it meant parting ways with my dear friend and travel buddy, traveling solo for the first time ever, and getting deathly ill alone in a room with a mosquito soundtrack blasting around my head. As a result, I made new friends, persevered past physical limitations, and found incredible connection and communion with the elephants and natural environment.

Years later, I learned about the horrific violence that elephants undergo for any acts of tourism and entertainment.


elephant bananas


I have returned to Thailand, a decade later, to make reparations with the elephants—seeking forgiveness for riding them by serving them with tremendous gratitude.


elephant bath


The Asian elephants are on the endangered species list. The majority of them are used for human gain and exploitation, suffering tremendously from the bull hooks and crush boxes that destroy their spirits and dominate their will to be free. I am returning to their presence with a new awareness of how riding them (or watching them paint, perform in circuses, or sell sugarcane on the streets) contributes to the cycle of harm, galvanizing all my resources to save their lives and create more awareness for their situation.

That’s why I’m in Thailand doing healing work with the elephants. My League of Heroes is joining me in March to rescue them from cycles of abuse, liberating them to live in peaceful co-existence with humans.


Thailand elephant
Their treatment is an extension of how we treat ourselves and the rest of the living world.   

If you don’t know exactly what the elephants go through in order to be used for human gain, there’s a phenomenal documentary “Love & Bananas.” You can rent it on iTunes or Youtube. It details the incredible work of Lek Chailert, a visionary elephant activist, who defied the industry to create sanctuaries all over Thailand for abused elephants. This is a real phenomenon that MUST be stopped.

If you’ve never ridden elephants and think this has little to do with you, I can assure you that on some level, it still does. It’s a metaphor for the abuse that happens every day to animals, the land, children, and to each other. How we treat them is symbolic of something deeper going on in our hearts; it’s indicative of how we treat ourselves—sacrificing our souls for experiences that we think will make us happy. Ignoring that this is happening is contributing to the ignorance that causes it in the first place.

I encourage you to look within your own heart. See if there are any areas of your life (work, relationships, health challenges, material possessions or other experiences) that don’t embody the energy of joy, happiness, and liberation. If you find some, know that these need to be cleared in order to find true freedom.



This is a call to end the cycles of violence and oppression. We need to galvanize our resources if we are going to become liberated on personal and collective levels. We need to clear our own energy as well as engage in meaningful service aligned with this intention.


What Can We Do To Stop The Suffering?

My League of Heroes is galvanizing, boots on the ground, to clear this for us all! We are engaging in crazy amazing creative co-creation and invite you to be a part of this exciting new endeavor.

We are partnering with the local villagers to educate the children in environmental art and energy healing—to be in direct connection with the environment and collaborate on a project to turn trash into playgrounds and elephant enclosures.


The idea is:

Collect the trash and separate the plastics so we can build eco-elephant enclosures. Right now, the elephants can only roam freely when they are with their Mahout guardians. They still have to stay chained for some of the time unless they have separate enclosures. The way they currently build them with concrete and metal costs about $6,500 USD each. There are 18 elephants. If we can create them from recycled materials, it would change the game for the environment, community, and well-being of the elephants.

We are filming this endeavor and will generate awareness so that no elephant has to ever go through this again. So that no being has to go through this again. It starts with each of us personally and ripples out to those in need. If you want to get involved, there are lots of ways.

You can:

Hop on a plane and come volunteer with the elephants in Thailand in March: we’re doing an awesome project with the Mahouts and local children to build elephant enclosures out of repurposed trash. We’re doing energy healing with the elephants, children, and the land. We need more boots-on-the-ground people power to make it a reality! You will also receive groundbreaking training to become a quantum human able to create anything in your life.
💜Join us on the Virtual Pilgrimage: receive energy healings and a powerful course on quantum mind training and creativity to get unstuck from the ways you are being held back. You will feel like you are here with us and undergoing epic transformation, all from the comfort of home.
Know anyone who can loan or sponsor a Filabot 3D printer?? They partner with companies like Google, Apple, Intel, LEGO, NASA, Orbit, Dupont, Siemens, Honeywell, Xerox, U. of Texas, Ohio State University, MIT Lincoln Laboratory and more…Do you have a magical connection to someone/a company/institution who might lend us a Filabot?? Or sponsor us to get our own?
onate any amount directly to the project: join us in a powerful ceremony for the elephants and your own prayers, and know your dollars are going directly to helping end the cycles of suffering:


Elephant Eye


Become a Compassionate Part of the Solution.

Please email our team at if you want to come on the pilgrimage virtually or IRL. We would love to heartstorm the best way for you to transform your life, while saving others.

The elephants need us and the world needs us to use our powers for good. 🐘🌏💓💜

healing elephant

Thank you so much for your attention and energy. We look forward to collaborating on a new world of co-existence together. ✨🙏💕✨

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