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we don’t have to be straight all the time!

when i try to “be straight,” i find myself locking into a position rather than fluidly remaining upright.

the key is to release into whatever pose or position i find myself in—straight, crooked, warped and everything in between. because when i think about holding myself straight, that’s exactly what i do: i hold. i hold tension, i hold my breath, and i hold myself in a position that is either not straight at all or else it quickly devolves from straightness because it is not fluid with the movement of my breath.

so the key, dear friends, is to know what straight is. intend to be straight. and then let go of it! one must have some idea of where they are going in order to get there and they can stop and ask directions or look for signs along the way. just as our body goes on a journey every time we attempt a physical practice, so too can we aim for a place for it to be and then attend to the messages that we receive along the way. these signals come from inside our selves: are we balanced? where is our weight? are we breathing? do we feel pain? and can we release all that?

it also comes from outside of our selves. is the floor on a slant and how do we adjust for that? how can the sounds in the space influence our movement? is there someone in the space with us, and are they giving us any clues about our alignment or actions? do we get an impulse and not know where it’s coming from? and can we follow that?

if we can ask these kinds of questions (and more) and then release into whatever answer we receive (even if the answer is simply another question), i believe we can find ourselves arriving straight to our destination.

it’s more fun than desperately trying to hold my self straight all the time when, sometimes, i really just want to be crooked.

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