“how dare you enter my lair!
you can only be here for one purpose—
to steal my treasure!!!”
“i will burn you with my breath!”
a blast of hot air to the face!

i have played out this story
deep in dark recesses of caves
buried within my mind.
for, as you have probably guessed,
i am a dragon
full of passion
and wrath
reveling in the treasure around me.

i am greedy
and spiteful.

for at heart,
my reptilian brain
is but a lizard of a thing
but secretly not so ferocious
when it comes

fear, as it turns out,
is beastly.

so i puff my self up
puff my smoke out
huffing and puffing
so the illusion remains
that i am okay.

i admit it,
i am not so scary after all.
a kitten, really,
soft and fluffy
wanting nothing but security.

if i share my treasure,
will you love me?
or will i fall
to the travesties i fear?

saying this to you
has shone a light
on my scales,
underneath is a wealth
one could never measure.
now i know
i have always wanted to love,
but something had to give:
it was me.
it was my greed.

so with a crystal tear,
i shed this scaly armor
where it is soft and tender
opening a portal to this treasure trove.
“have a piece of my gold.
in fact, take all my glittering light.
reflected in your eyes
is an image not yet seen.”

now i see
the true nature behind me
indeed, i am no dragon—
i am a queen!
i rule the cosmos within and without
for we are one and the same,
sublime and mystical royalty.




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