i just found out:
i’m dying.
i didn’t know
how to let you know
so i put it in a poem.
it’s scary
for sure
to know it is certain
that the me we think
we know
will soon be me
no more.

what it means
is that this life
precious and fleeting
will be lived to its fullest
this day
this very moment
will be spent
on love
until the next moment
to love again
with every breath
until my last.

i must say:
you are dying too.
without a doctor’s diagnosis,
i can write you
a prescription
for a healthier life:
eat well
get plenty of sleep
and love.
take two breaths
and call me
in the morning
wake up
and remember:
every moment
we are all a little closer
to dying.

so have a drink
a toast:
to poetry
to love
and schedule your next appointment
for life.


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