Event of a Thread — Day 2

working a shift at night is a totally different feeling.

you would think that i would be used to it, having worked in bars and clubs for so many years that i can’t even count the number on both hands. but even after all this time, it is still easier for me to get it together and get to places on time (early, even) in the morning. at the end of the day, i struggle. perhaps it’s due to the accumulation of energy. maybe depending on how you use it during the day, you’re either slower and more tired, wanting to crash on the couch or you’re amp’d up, full of life and want to expend some of that energy being with your friends and letting loose. while i’ve mostly lived a life of the latter, it feels that these days my body craves the kind of life where i am up with the sun and resting when the creatures of the night make their debut.

tonight i did not get to the Armory as early as i would have liked. i was 15 minutes early, but i like to have more time to get to know the installation anew every time or stretch in the green room in the “South Bunker.”

and yet the reading went really well. perhaps it was because my frenetic energy was matched by that of the room. this was coupled with the grounded feeling of reading alongside one very articulate and committed Kim Weild. a familiarity with the pigeons presented itself—i really felt like we were listening to each other tonight. certain pigeons were very attentive to the words and when other became riled up, a focused reading to them seemed to bring them a sense of peace.

i felt powerless when they got excited during Bora Yoon’s glorious song at the end of the day, but perhaps they were just inspired by the energy of a fellow bird—Bora is also a Wind-Up Bird! i loved the surprise of finding out that our creative paths were crossing so soon again. the threads that connect us are truly intricate.

tonight was also an unusual night, in that there was a special event after the regular audience left. some things were unclear, such as the fact that we were allowed to get up after the first audience left. Kim and i stoically held our ground as the entire room cleared out and into the next rush, which was a very different crowd, even more boisterous in their suits and cocktail dresses. so when Ann came over to tell us about a new thing they were going to try (where they would leave two cages on the table and we were to bring them over after the singer went on), i was unclear whether that meant during the singing or after. Kim had been reading during the instructions, so it was up to me to make the call. i had to make a really fast decision. operating under the “No Pigeons Left Behind” philosophie, i was afraid that if we waited and the others were released, that our pigeons would freak out and the entire evening would be destroyed. it only became clear to me as i approached the cages under the curtain that our walk with the pigeons would have been the transition after the song. dammit. i feel like i should have known better. note to self: get there earlier so that i can breathe more beforehand. if i had taken a moment to breathe before acting, i could have made some space for the answer to enter in.

but despite that, it was a beautiful event. i got to hear Bora reverberating throughout the Drill Hall, her voice being carried by the wind and bouncing off into the open air. her shadow created such beautiful form on the silk curtain that it was as if the spirits were serenading the space. the pigeons flew to their spot in a beautiful dance of individuality and collectivity. and Kim and i really connected throughout the reading, even coming together in synchronicity in some exhilarating moments. as we walked out to Park Avenue, it felt really nice to reconnect on a human level as well. i felt the energy of the night air, the twinkling of city lights, full of the gratitude and anticipation of many more days and nights to come.


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