:: Day 6 back in NYC ::

today is a new day—a more musical one! the birds are singing alongside the hip hop blasting down my block in Brooklyn.

i woke up at 4:30am and despite some initial annoyance, i decided to channel that energy into a more creative one. i already did some freewriting, logged my weirdo dreams from last night, responded to emails, mused about future travels, cleaned the bathroom (after ensuring that the cats used the toilet properly), wrote a new response piece blog post, and all before 8:45am.

i may not last very long into the night, but i venture out into the world today to meet others for the first time since i came back. i have a series of fun meetings—to discuss my application to go to Japan, to talk bikes and headshots with old buddy Eric Gill, and to meet with dear friend and collaborator Andre Morton to catch up, discuss film stuff, and to get beverages for the first time in our shared neighborhood.

hello, new day! each one is so different and so subject to change…

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