:: Day Seven Back in NYC – One Week Anniversary! ::

well, it looks like all it took was a night of getting a few drinks, having great artistic conversation, and pushing myself to go to bed a couple hours later than the jet lag time was allowing—and i am back on my usual sleep schedule. i was enjoying the wack-a-doodle times that the jet lag was making me awake, but i don’t think waking up around 1am or 4am is the kind of thing that one can do regularly and be a functioning member of society (for most intents and purposes anyway).

and i was glad to be woken up early today (despite initial head-achey feelings to the contrary). my collaborator John was briefly back in town from his busy post running Ballibay, a summer arts camp in Pennsylvania. we had a wonderful, life-affirming reunion and i was able to share many revelations from my travels, as well as planning artistically and academically for the future. and mostly we just reconnected in the present. John and i have shared physical practices in breathwork and Contact Improv that i haven’t been able to do with anyone else in quite the same way since taking a brief hiatus from our collaborative trio with Daniel Munkus, The Night Bears.

and now, after that, i am back! i feel very present here in NYC once again.

i have a series of meeting with old friends and collaborators in the upcoming week. it is making me think about my relationships with other people. i realized that i very much believe in people parting, going on adventures, having experiences, and then touching back in with those close to them and sharing what they’ve learned about themselves and the world. most of the relationships in my life that have sustained themselves are built on this approach—there is a sense of non-attachment that allows each person to have the freedom to come and go when they need, and a love and connection that binds us together no matter how far we may stray.

i used to have a saying with my best friend growing up for this phenomenon—we called it Wavelength. no matter how different Katie and i were or where our individual paths would take us, we always felt that whenever we were together, our friendship was as strong as ever. the distance never caused a rift. we could pick up right where we left off and it didn’t mean that we were any less of friends because we weren’t together all the time. Katie helped me learn at a young age that there is a power in connections like that.

i received an message from her today, in fact. Katie is now a pediatrician in Philadelphia and she had a son during the third year of her residency. in a Wavelength-sort of way, Katie and i started writing blogs unbeknownst to each other a few months apart. Katie’s blog chronicles her “thoughts on doctoring, parenting and the marriage of the two.” my blog is all about my chronicles as a kind of wandering spirit and how if anything, my art is my child. our lives are wildly different and yet, we stay connected somehow.

when Katie emailed me and said she wrote about me in her blog, i couldn’t really imagine why i would be in there. as it turns out, it’s for pretty much the same reason i am here on my own blog right now. The blog post in question, i like to call: “No Biting.”

Katie and i still stay very much connected despite our physical distances—this gives me faith. the fact that we can sustain this Wavelength over time, despite distance leads me to believe that there are other frequencies other than the obvious ones that we, as humans, can connect on. i am blessed to have this relationship with Katie, to be able to explore this through breath with John, and for the countless other ways and people with whom i can experiment with these types of connections around the world.

it makes me feel very present here. and there is no place that i would rather be than right here, right now, no matter where that might be…

~ going to bed grateful for such goodness in the world ~

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