my skin is but a boundary
you could pierce right through.

like the surface of water,
so easily penetrated,
from a certain point of view
seemingly solid.
its tension caused only by its attraction,
our molecules magnetized towards one another.

this water skin has a meniscus,
concave reaching up
towards you, sensing you
as water more a part of me
than any container could ever hold.

together we are
a barrier rife with collision,
of life struggling within
a fit of survival.

you have entered before
diving down into a deep sea of what can only be
called my soul,
every expedition brings us closer
to discovering new life—
see life!
a flowing dance of water,
we swim in oceans

at toughest, my skin is a sea-weed
pluck it off
toss it away
consume it
or simply let it sway.
i do not need it where we are
though it is here
in the ocean of our souls,
where endpoints are merely illusions.

proof of our existence—
an oasis.

water body ocean oasis

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