it has dawned on me in the most glorious moments of waking: i will get my own surfboard for the first time. i am learning to glide out on my own.

this is easy to understand when i have all time to contemplate its meaning.

i used to be so attached to time. being on time, not having enough time, having a good time. now i can just be time.

does that sound weird? the more that i believe that i have all the time in the universe to do what i need to do, the more i can let go of the insistence that any one thing has a particular time in which it needs to be done. the more i let go of the idea of a standardized time stamp on the nature of things, the more i allow each one to develop in exactly the time it needs.

this Universal time is shared time. when we allow each other to take whatever time we need, we begin to negotiate it past any kind of intellectual construct. our bodies can begin to sense time. we end up in exactly the right place at the right time without ever trying. people end up meeting unexpectedly. the unexpected seems to happen instead of being made to happen.

things that appear coincidental start to happen so often that coincidence becomes the norm. it becomes normal rather than the exception. it becomes the way we understand each other and the time we have together.

i sense a shift. looking out, the smoke has subsided. it is cool and breezy and the entire environment is moving gently along with the wind. i feel my self moving right along with the flow.

the water trickling, the insects buzzing, the rooster crowing, the sound of the staff laughing, i can even hear and feel the movement of the air around me. in this way, i can go wherever it shall take me…

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