Today’s Morning Magic

  • Moto to Tugu
  • Most of the Gang is here
  • Virtual Chickens take to the Sea
  • Kokokoko! (???)
  • Flap Flap Om
  • Competing for Waves
  • Finding a Friend
  • I Stand 3 Times!!!
  • I Ride one most of the Way in
  • Battle Cry!
  • Conquering Demons and Soaring to New Heights
  • Kissing Dolphins in the Water
  • Team Yellow Birds
    • “it’s because we are Asian! …and mine is half yellow, half white!”
  • Avocado Lassi – an unexpected delight
  • Cliff-Top Post-Surf Mega-Feast
    • Banana Peanut Butter Honey Jaffle, Banana Pancake, Fettucini  Carbonara –> so good!
  • Full of Sharing and yet, Never Too Full to Share
  • I drive the Moto— Solo!
  • And with Love…

: photos by Carmen Torres

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