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there is a lot to process.

the place that i am in includes both the physical landscape and my own body. a lot of things are different than i am used to.

Koumaria is:

warm and dry. the ground is hard and it is hard to release my body into it when i am already feeling pain. and i am finding it difficult to find space. in a place so expansive with space, it’s hard to find one’s own. “The Creatures” got their own spaceship. they found their home. i need to find my own. it’s hard to be oneself when there is no space to do so.

we set up a tent. it’s like our own little spaceship. maybe that is where i go to make work.

a Bear Cave, a spaceship, a human vessel for sound, people roaming the fields for fruit and…maybe space is the place.

maybe people want something less abstract. it seems like people want it to make sense right away or it doesn’t make any at all. it’s challenging and they resist. they stick with what they know, that which is familiar.

it’s funny how being open makes it challenging to find one’s own way.

it’s like improvisation (for which the theme of the residency just so happens to be human-machine improvisations). with no rules, there is no structure and people get lost. so what are the rules here? there don’t seem to be many except not to throw paper in the toilet.

it’s very quiet here today. in the distance i can hear the churning of some factory. the buzz of flies is sparse and faint in comparison to the persistent churning of the machine. the smell of old cigarettes, the ash baking in the sun waft into my nostrils.  and yet i look out and i see mostly nature. fragments of human life exist: a broom, the plastic bottles in the trees to catch the insects, a digital camera, some books on architecture and space, a glass of water, and an abandoned sweater. in the distance, there are some structures made of metal. that seems to be where the sound emanates from. but perception is deceiving.

how to train perception? how to see and hear differently, more clearly? with focus and with openness? these are questions that i am working on. as i find myself in a space, intrigued by others and still somehow distant, i wonder if it is possible to learn to see and hear together. and if it is possible to make art from that place.

oh yeah, and last night we did a Flash Lab.

my musings will also be featured on Medea Electronique’s website, plus more!


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