Reviews for my new book! Phase Out: A Secret Guide to Finding Work that Frees Your Soul


“I thoroughly enjoyed my journey through this book.  Sophia provides practical, insightful advice on how to reframe challenges into positive experiences.  Her personal experiences are both inspiring and touching.  The book also contains exercises to help you get clear on how you truly want to live.  It is a must read for anyone interested in tapping into their full potential and living a joyful, purposeful life.❤️”

~Tracey Duffy~


“Being acknowledged in Sophia’s book caught me by surprise – As a teacher, there is no greater responsibility or honor than being some part, however large or small, of a student’s journey. With Sophia’s Virtual Pilgrimage, the tables turned and she became my guide and teacher. When you let yourself live with her book, you will meet yourself and open to possibility, presence and love.”

~Carol Rosenfeld~


“This step by step journey to inner growth is a spiritual pilgrimage as well as a guide to self-discovery. Sophi’s adventurous and determined search for truth can inspire and empower us to try our own wings without fears. On page 103, Sophi writes “it took me a long time to accept my own role as a change-maker. It took burning through a whole lifetime of false beliefs to understand that I truly do co-create with the quantum field.” I relate to that quote very deeply as it also took me a lifetime to trust that I could do what I wanted of my life if I created my own reality. This book confirms the path I chose, becoming a full-time artist in my senior years.”

~Ghetta Hirsch, Fine Arts Artist~


“I highly recommend this book!!

Phase Out takes the principles of manifestation and abundance that became mainstream superficially a decade ago and makes them practical and accessible. The style of this book is casual, easy to navigate, and even while completing all the writing and meditation prompts, quickly finished. Sophia’s personal stories, challenges, and successes are relatable and authentic. The perspectives that she shares can be immediately put into use.

The content of this book, however, is not casual. It is for people that are ready to do some deep rewiring and change the course of their life’s work in alignment with a higher purpose. I was in that position when I read the book and will certainly be feeling the effects for a long time and will return to it frequently as a refresher.”

~Deborah Black~


“The Universe is always working on my behalf. How else could I learn of Sophia’s book and be fortunate enough to read a copy? Phase Out: A Secret Guide to Finding Work that Frees Your Soul takes us on a Hero’s Journey (similar to the spiritual journey I have been on for years), showing us how to figure out what is holding us back, how to shed light on our fears and the steps to take to make our dreams a reality. I loved the book. Sophia’s approach to each chapter was fresh and inspirational. I also loved that Sophia makes the connection between the spiritual and the scientific by quoting Gabrielle Bernstein and Deepak Chopra along with neuroscientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza. Phase Out offers a real map for our journey to create the life we want to create.”

~Dawn Nagel~


“As a nomadic pilgrim, Sophia takes readers along her own spiritual journey toward following her heart and freeing herself from traditional expectations of success. She creates a step-by-step manual for challenging your status quo and transforming your life. With examples from literature, pop culture, and religion, Phase Out makes an existential discussion relatable and modern. A great read for anyone who dreads Mondays.”

~Katie Lockwood~


“This book bridges the fine line between spiritual and artistic energy, helps and inspires you find your own rewarding path from within. Sophia’s storytelling is compelling and wrought with meaning. Phase Out is a must-have for any creative person’s library as an illuminating and inspiring resource. I will come back to its insight and tap into its creative nurturing whenever I need a motivational boost in my work!”

~Serra Hirsch~


“I highly recommend this amazing book to all my friends and family. Phase Out by Sophia Remolde has the potential to change so many lives. Here is one of her brilliant quotes from the book that really touched me “There is a danger to keeping your eyes shut when this light calls you to see it. This book is one of those calls. It’s like the Bat-Signal –are you willing to let Gotham fall to the throes of anarchy, abuse and despair because you’re not willing to put on your utility belt and get to work ridding the city of evil?”

~Ellen Zjawin~


“Sophia has a brilliant way of blending her experiences while on pilgrimage and in her life with the adventures of so many of our favorite heroes in such a way that we can all relate to.   By asking simple questions, she takes you on your own journey through your life’s story and gives you the tools to re-write your Hero’s Journey to create the life you’ve been dreaming about.   One of the most profound answers for me came from this question: “What have you always done extremely well, that you do not remember ever learning how to do?”  The answers to this question really helped me to find my true path and appreciate those gifts I was granted at birth to fulfill my purpose.  Thank you, Sophia, for writing this amazing book.  It is the perfect prescription for overcoming your fears to manifest the life you deserve!”
~Kim Woodcock~


“This is an amazing book for anyone who is discontented with their job or life, but who doesn’t know how to go about changing things! Sophia’s background ranges in diversity from psychology to the performing arts, and she draws on all of it to create a program which helps readers take deep, honest looks at their lives, their goals, and what may be stopping them from achieving everything they want.

She uses Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey” as the guide for personal transformation, and this is a stroke of brilliance. I was already familiar with the hero’s journey from my background in screenwriting, and how it forms the basis for archetypal storytelling. Sophia overlays this idea on the reader’s life! Together, she and her readers go on a pilgrimage of sorts (she calls it a “virtual pilgrimage”), drawing parallels from all the epic journeys taken by characters throughout film and literature.

By evaluating what stage you’re in and where you want to go, PHASE OUT provides a map of sorts, to help you figure out what direction is right for you, and to provides you with the tools and — most importantly — the faith and courage to follow your true calling and basically stop wasting time being anything less than what you’ve always dreamed of being.

There are questions and writing prompts throughout the book, to help you focus and analyze what’s going on in your heart and mind and life. Sometimes I wished the assignments had more structure, like a course curriculum, but then I’m a teacher and I like clear instruction. This is definitely my personal preference and the structure she uses does not impede the lessons or the meaning in the book.

In fact, in the book, she talks about being on her literal pilgrimage, walking from one holy site to the next, and making the conscious choice to go at the pace of her companions rather than trying to impose her own preconceived ideas of what pace she SHOULD be going. I took that as a very loud clue that I was to do the same with the book — surrender to the pacing and the ideas and the tasks which she outlines, trusting that everything would work out in the end.

And boy, did it ever. Whether your realizations and actions are big or small, you will have many while reading this book. And the best part, is that you can read it again and again and get something new out of it each time.”

~Lisa Gay Gardner~


“Phase Out cracked my world right open! I can see where I’ve stood in my own way, and I am ready to take steps and create a live of my own!”

~Heather Russell~


“Sophia Remolde’s ‘Phase Out’ has changed my life. It has radically shifted my perspective on life, the universe, and everything, and it has helped me believe my dreams are possible to achieve in the here and now. This book is a wake-up call to all of us to step into our roles as everyday heroes by following the call of our hearts. ‘Phase Out’ provides a roadmap for pursuing our dreams that is full of mind-blowing perspective shifts mixed with practical advice.  All of it is infused with kindness, compassion, and lots of references to my favorite sci-fi/fantasy movies! The exercises helped me clarify what I want to do, be, and feel; identified the inner and outer obstacles I am facing; and gave me tools to help overcome them. This book is a road-map to inner and outer success (and a reminder that you never really have the latter if you don’t have the former). Thank you Sophia for writing such a paradigm shifting book filled with inspiration and loving insight.  If there is anything in you that calls you to live differently, that yearns to create, that believes there is a better way, do yourself a favor and read this book.”

~Jessica Browne-White~


“Have you felt stuck in  a rut? Does the alarm clock strike fear into your heart – or worse – a feeling of mourning? Well, Sophia Remolde has some incredible tips to help jolt you out of your doldrums and into pursuing the life you’ve always dreamed of. With some free writing exercises, Batman metaphors, and a few minutes of meditation a day, you can become the you that you always wanted to be. No more excuses. It’s time to PHASE OUT (and level up).”

~Jenna Payne~


“This book came at a perfect time in my life as I’m taking a big leap with my projects.
Phase Out will set you off on a transformational life journey as Sophia shares about her piligram experiences and brings you to reflect on your own life. Get ready to free your soul!”



“I love the idea of “Virtual Pilgrimage” that Sophia created.  She is creative, inspiring and a master storyteller!”

~Sachiko Ueshima~


“I can only explain stumbling on the opportunity to pre-read Sophia’s book as divine intervention. I’ve been on a spiritual journey, and I feel like my heart has been displayed, twisted, and wrung out – again and again. Most of the time, I’ve found that I tread on myself, and Sophia’s honesty and insight brought me hope that lifted me back to my feet. Her poignant messages and targeted alignment with some of my most cherished childhood touch points gave life that would never have transpired without it. Her embodiment of things like “The Nothing” validated me in ways I’ll be forever grateful for. This beautiful work restored my hope that all things imagined are possible, and that my own pilgrimage can begin at any time. And my faith that we’re all one body with God and the Universe, and we’re all working together for our good. Thank you, Sophia!”

~Lahna Holst~


Phase Out is a new and important book on our journey through life.  Thoughtfully written, with profound insights and is beautifully told.  It is a pleasure to read and has practical steps to aid in acceptance of self and guides towards a more joyful, compassionate and meaningful existence.

~Trudy Steibl~

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