The Great Dakini Pilgrimage: A Journey of Truth

Colorado: August 21 – September 2, 2019


Hi Dear,

I’m so happy you’re here!

Below are the details for the upcoming pilgrimage to Colorado (and beyond) this summer…

What Are These Pilgrimages?

Lobsterbird and her League of Heroes are stepping out as a new generation of leaders to level up in their businesses, heal their lives, and change the world. Check out their bestselling book on it!

Together we embark on pilgrimages all over the globe. Each pilgrimage is a rare opportunity to explore sacred sites, hidden nature gems, local villages and cultures. Also included is the internal journey to the core of your being where you discover who you came here to be and remove the obstacles standing in the way of you and your Soul Mission. Last time, these astounding healers and changemakers completed another life-changing Hero’s Way Pilgrimage to Thailand. They purified lifetimes of karma and programming that had been holding them back from fully embodying their power. All while healing elephants and their own hearts.

I believe that there is an even easier way to do things—to run spiritual businesses that are in complete integrity with ease and prosperity, to cultivate loving and whole relationships with our families (both blood-related and soul-related), and to embody total states of health and vitality.

Colorado 2019

Enlightenment in the NOW:

i’ve been connecting with a lot of souls these days who feel like this:

  • “i’m neither here nor there. i’m sort of in this in-between transition phase.”
  • “i’m on the brink of something big, but don’t know what it is”—ready to create that new project or version of herself. she knows it’s emerging and that it needs to be a complete life integration. the breakthrough is right here. she knows it and knows she needs to trust it.
  • she knows that following her heart and soul are the only way to success, but man is that mind trying to take control basically all the time.
  • she can feel all this energy brewing and waiting for it to manifest into something tangible—money in her business, the love of her life, full-on health and vitality—all the things! the days of sacrificing one area for her life for another is over. isn’t it possible to have ALL the major areas of her life thriving with ease?!

are you feeling this? i know i am. i’ve been in some deep investigations of truly creating from a state of beingness. it’s been working! working for me instead of me working to make things work. it really is possible to enjoy life without working hard and thrive in all areas.

so if you are feeling this, here’s some amazing news: you are in EXACTLY the most powerful place—if you use it to your advantage.

there is some mighty energy brewing beneath the surface and it’s come through to me in this next pilgrimage adventure.

The Story:

for many years i’ve been studying Tibetan Buddhism.

for many years, members of my sangha (community with shared teacher Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche) told me i had to meet Cynthia Moku. Cynthia is a beloved artist and educator in our extended Buddhist family.

in September 2018, i went on a Wilderness Dharma retreat. We went deep into the Canyon de Chelly with the indigenous Diné people (more widely known as Navajo)  guiding us on their land. Our teachers, Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel and Anam Thubten Rinpoche, guided us for seven days of meeting with and feeding our Inner Demons, so we could find liberation from our suffering.

it was a tremendous experience. it was here that i finally met the illustrious Cynthia Moku.

i learned of her work painting murals in some of the most revered stupas out west. it was through her artwork and travels along the Rocky Mountains that she discovered a hidden pilgrimage route. what emerged was more than a travel plan; it was the shape of a buddha. it was a map of the dakini.

a dakini is the female embodiment of enlightenment. the dakini can take many forms or none at all. in this case, she is revealing a path for us pilgrims who are ready to go beyond and achieve enlightenment in the now.

sooooooo…in August we shall go there!

i am truly excited. for me, this is a homecoming of sorts. if you’ve read my first book “Phase Out” or listened to my podcast, Bridge to Being—there’s a three-part audioblog series called “Where the Heart Is” (episodes #47 – 49.) i tell the fantastical Lobster Tale of how i was summoned to Colorado via Japan. i went halfway across the world to where my mother was born, to find out that home was in a whole other place.

the journeys across the world have been amazing, but there’s also a tremendous impact of understanding our connection to lands we inhabit. i believe this too is how we will find our own dakini wisdom embodied in our selves.

“Tibetan Buddhism offers a unique premise: that to be a woman can actually be favorable on the path to spiritual realization. Padmasambhava, the eighth-century pioneer of Buddhism in Tibet, reasoned that women are better equipped to realize the wisdom of the teachings. Modern teachers have echoed this sentiment. As the Western nun Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo comments, ‘Many lamas have said that women make superior practitioners because they are able to dive into meditation much more easily than males. This is because many males are afraid of dropping the intellect, especially monks who have been studying for a long time. To suddenly just let that go and be naked in the meditation experience is frightening for them, whereas women seem to be able to manage it naturally.’” ~from

the “Divine Feminine” is a term thrown around the internet a lot these days. but what does it really mean?

this is a journey to find out for ourselves.

fact is, this energy is rising. if you’re still here, that probably means it’s rising in you. it’s literally rising up through Mother Earth, the path which The Great Dakini Pilgrimage will follow.

i believe as many Buddhist teachers have expressed. my own truth is telling me that the emerging leaders of today are those who can utilize the energy of the in-between, and lead others to liberation. the old regime of power is crumbling. those who insist on grasping onto outdated modes of duality, polarity, and oppression are losing it. in their place rises a call for leaders who can exist beyond—and guide others in their communities, institutions, and government to co-create a new earth.

positions and opportunities are opening up before our very eyes but we have to be trained to see them. we must have the confidence to step up to our own unique calling.

the Tibetan word for dakini is khandro, which means “sky-goer” or “space dancer.” let’s go play in that open space we are meant for and experience the wisdom, clarity, and new forms that emerge.

we hope you’ll join us in stepping into your power and the truth of who you are.

Reasons to Go:

there are many things that will stop you from going on a journey like this as there are things that would stop you from fulfilling your Soul Purpose on this planet. distractions, delusions, excuses, confusion. i’ve sampled them all myself. but relying on the outside world and being chained to a sense of false responsibilities doesn’t get us any closer to our liberation.

as i’ve been helping people get crystal clear on their Soul Purpose, i’ve realized the keys needed right now to succeed. success, by the way, is not as others have dictated, but whatever would cause you to be fulfilled and supported in your unique path and purpose.

The Real Keys to Success, a.k.a. Sovereignty:

  • CLARITY: knowing what it is you are here for and how best to achieve it in the easiest, most fun way possible.
  • MIND TRAINING: we have to become quantum humans fully embodied on this planet. this will wormhole you into that place for yourself. to do so, we have to work with the mind in whole new ways.
  • ENERGY HEALING: everything is energy. we must clear lifetimes of karma and genetic inheritance that we’ve been carrying around for eons. past lives and ancestral clearing. yep, it’s that epic. and if you’re not clearing that from your being, then you’re not clear in the NOW.
    • note: your subconscious does not know about linear time. it does not differentiate past from present. so you’re still on some deep level believing and reacting based off outdated conditioning. we need energetic hygiene as much as any other kind, in order to also stay clear with all the programming and oppressive energies being channeled to us daily in this life.
    • if you have questions, ask ‘em. it’s my favorite topic these days!
  • SOUL EMPOWERMENTS: if this is for you, you are aware of an energy that says, “Take this program and you’ll be successful.” or “Do this system and you’ll see results.” It’s telling you it knows the key to your liberation—whether it’s being healthy in your body, loved in your relationships, or wealthy in your business.
    • you know this is not true. you do not need another system or program. you know you are here for liberation from exactly that. only your soul has the answers for you—and everything you will experience on this pilgrimage is so you can be guided by YOUR OWN SOUL every step of the way.
    • i have to tell you: that’s the only kind of real success there is.

and that’s what we’re going to do. because your soul is everything. it’s the whole reason you are here. and it’s time you joined forces with the light that you are and create from THAT space.

if you are feeling called, email us at to receive an application. we’re currently interviewing women now and would love see if one of the last spots is meant for you.

the world is waiting for you to be fully in your power. the only time is now.

big love,

For more info about the pilgrimage, you can tune in here:

If this resonates, email Lobsterbird at Look forward to seeing the magic we can create!✨

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