today i realized all my poetry is about love.
and cats.
but even those cat poems are really about love.
because what else is there?
when you look at the world
and all you can see
is destruction and devastation
due to the fact that all we need is love
and don’t have it,
what does that make you want to do?

do you cry?
do you go hug an animal?
do you go out and buy something to make yourself
feel better?
but love nonetheless.

because when it really comes down to it,
we should all be
able to do whatever it is that we love.
if you want to raise bees on your roof
howl at the moon in the desert
or make up stories about things that don’t seem to exist,
that’s because they do.
in your heart,
we live in a world where people will try to tell you
“that’s not okay”
but all they can do is try
and only you can love whatever and whoever
you please.
love whatever and whoever you please
i ask you one more time,
because without love,
we have no poetry,
we have no cats,
we have no
other way to save ourselves,
without love.

love cats

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