Today’s Prompt: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Three important songs…Mozart? Gerald’s music? definitely something by David Bowie hmmmmmmm…it’s hard to think and write at the same time…Queen, definitely Queen’s “I Want to Break Free.” I still imagine making a Darth and Lobster video with Davi…it makes me think of collaboration and letting loose only to find a real sense of support in the uncertainty, the not knowing.


Feeling a live for the first time—I know what that’s like to let go, especially the conventions that are perpetuated by society that don’t serve us…


Back to Bowie then…hmm, it’s hard to chose…I’m so terrible with the name of things “Ground Control to Major Tom,” “3 Seconds to Mars,” “Life on Mars!” That’s it…And also “Ziggy Stardust.” Am I really only allowed to pick one? That seems unfair. If so, I pick Ziggy Stardust. I mean, that album says it all, the rise and fall. Bowie just really, besides, that he rocks, is just so unabashedly him(or her?)self. Bowie is Bowie. And in so being, was not afraid of change. Of course, there is “Changes.” But being an alien, allowing himself to transform into an alien, land and die all within such a short time. I mean, he brought theater to music in a whole new way as well. And he didn’t give a fuck about his image, in that he really cared about it. About being bold and interesting to himself that he could be—and then sharing it with the world. And the way he destroyed Ziggy Stardust—he could have very easily destroyed his career too. Except he trusted his intuition and became even more. Talk about letting go, no holding back.


And so a third…does it need to fit the theme? I’ve always loved Chopin. But when it comes to classical music, I can’t possibly remember a name. But there is something about a balance of focus and freedom that masters like Chopin and Mozart invoke in me. Perhaps there is also a link to my (many) days of playing the clarinet as a child…


I never got to a point. But I guess what point is there? I played in the NJ State Orchestra, learned bass clarinet too. Would play for the church and my family…I had a talent and I let that go. So maybe there was a certain freedom in that and that thought, somehow, makes me smile—I can feel it right behind my nose. And in my heart.


I guess that’s what I love about music in general, even though sometimes I feel so out of touch with it.


Oh nooooo, I forgot about Moon River…


What was it that I love about music? Oh yes, structure allowing for immense and total freedom.

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