Calling all Hermiones for a Virtual Pilgrimage!

i am cracking up because of the title of this post, but it’s true! i was interviewed for ArtBiz Wizard Alexis Fedor‘s podcast yesterday and when i was describing the following course, she exclaimed, “This is exactly what I wish for—to be in multiple places at once! It’s like Hermione in Harry Potter!”


created with: Jayme Jennings (of Team ChickooBanana)

did you ever dream of bending time and space? operating on different realms that the one we simply see with our eyes? going on a spirit quest to understand the true nature of the universe? how about manifesting your dreams into reality?

on a simple level, do you yearn to feel more connected to the world and feel the magic possible in each moment of the everyday?

you can. and i can take you on a journey to show you how.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.”

~Helen Keller

why do we go on pilgrimage?


we go on pilgrimage to experience something deeper than the everyday, knowing there is more to life than what meets the eye. pilgrims head out on the journey because they feel the spark of enlightenment within, the calling to go further on the path, to connect with holy sites in order to better connect with themselves and understand who they are in this world of illusion.

pilgrimage allows us to follow a prescribed path that has been walked thousands of years over by countless masters, wise ones, and spirit seekers. by following in the footsteps of others, we actually find ourselves in the process. we deepen our connection with nature and are guided within and without to discover our true purpose and meaning of life.

Khandro Rinpoche, a prominent female Buddhist teacher says, “One of the most beautiful ways of reflecting upon the karma that needs to be purified is pilgrimage. One of the very skillful ways and very beneficial ways and profound ways of acquiring merit is also through the pilgrimage.” from a Buddhist perspective, you are doing yourself and others tremendous benefit through engaging in the act of pilgrimage.

on the quest for enlightenment and spiritual realization, a pilgrimage is an opportunity to experience all of the struggles, achievements, and ecstasies of life in a heightened form. the challenges—mental, physical, and spiritual—come very clearly and abundantly to life, as do the insights, revelations, and benefits of merit.

in short: pilgrimage is transformative. and it is transformation on a rapid scale.

however, i understand it can be hard to make the leap from quitting your daily life for months at a time to embark on this kind of journey. i don’t know if i would have had the gumption to do it for the first time if my life hadn’t completely fallen apart in 2014 and it was the only visible option left.

but i have done it. it was so incredibly worth it, and you can do it too.

and what if there were a way to experience pilgrimage without even needing to leave your home?? what if already have everything you need in this moment to have happiness and spiritual realization right now?

this is the basis for the Pilgrimage Project and i am looking for Virtual Pilgrims to take the next step with me in changing their lives by going on a journey of healing on the path of enlightenment.


why was this created?


i have been deeply practicing mind training and energy work ever since that fateful and life-changing pilgrimage in Japan in 2014. the two in combination are a powerful way to overcome obstacles and achieve tremendous results in overcoming them through a new understanding of the subtle yet powerful ways of the world.

it may seem that a lot of the achievement on a pilgrimage comes from the grueling physicality of it all. however, it does not need to be so. our minds create our physical reality. our energy, our vibrations, are what cause our spirits to manifest into form. so we can start by working on that level, and it has profound consequences in our daily lives. we can actually learn how to reprogram our subconscious minds and then consciously tap into an unlimited source of energy to achieve our dreams and heal our planet.

would you love to receive the spiritual and transformational benefits of pilgrimage, but can’t see how it is possible right now? then, let me go for you! if you do the important inner work while receiving the energy healing from these sacred sites, i can help open up the path so that you too may join on the journey.



what is the Pilgrimage Project?


in November, i will be going on the Dana Pilgrimage led by Dungse Jampal Norbu. we will be visiting many of the sacred sites of India, including the place where Buddha Shakyamuni received enlightenment. we will be connecting our modern selves with historic places and traditions that stretch back to the birth of Buddhism as we know it. prior to that, i will be receiving the Nature of Mind teachings from Venerable Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche in the sacred mountains of Crestone, Colorado, which used to be former Native American healing grounds. post-pilgrimage, i will be researching physical and energetic relationships as part of our earth body in West Africa. traveling to the origin of geographical life on earth to understand our connection is an extension of my personal pilgrimage.

through this Pilgrimage Program, i will take you on the journey with me.


what happens during the Pilgrimage?


40 days is a significant number in transformative acts. from the Buddha to Jesus, the Egyptians to ancient artifacts counting solar cycles, 40 days gives rise to change.

i will take you on a 40-day journey during my time in India and Africa, and include training for the adventure (during my time in Crestone) and a post-pilgrimage regroup upon our return.

The Pilgrimage Package includes:

  • Preparing for the Journey: a mind training mini-course
    • includes inner work exercises to free your mind and overcome obstacles
    • a 1.5 hour private session of healing/coaching to get you prepared
  • Along for the Adventure: 40 days to transformation
    • weekly sacred site healings transmitted remotely, channeling the energy of the sacred earth energy to accelerate your healing, connection, and progress along the path. these energy healings will be 10,000x more powerful because of the environments where they will take place.
    • a guided meditation for use during the healing sessions (and beyond)
    • a course for you to complete throughout the 40 days, using the overarching structure of pilgrimage and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as the framework and addressing the challenges you will face along the way, leading to huge inner growth.
    • forty transmissions from the field in the form of photographs, writings, video, audio broadcasts, and energy work. these will help us stay connected and give you a multi-sensory experience of the world of pilgrimage.
    • an online support group with your fellow pilgrims to exchange experiences along the journey. pilgrimage can be done in groups and can be experienced solo. here you can decide to join up with other pilgrims for parts of the journey to help guide each other along the way.
  • The Hero Returns: post-pilgrimage regroup
    • a mini-inner work course to reflect and process the journey.
    • sharing of lessons learned with the group.
    • another 1.5 hour private session of healing/coaching to unpack the experience and reveal a new you in the world.
    • opportunities for feedback on our spiritual research to help me develop this course for future pilgrims.
    • plus, bonus goodies brought back from the trip!

 pilgrimage energy healing creativity

how long is the journey?


the course spans 3-5 months, depending on your pace. the transformation will continue on throughout your life.


who is this for?


do you feel stuck in your life on some level? are you working a job you don’t particularly love? do you have issues which prevent you from moving through life with ease, be they physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual? do you feel disconnected from the world or yourself, a recurring sense of depression or even general malaise or apathy?

do you wish there were a roadmap to guide you to reach your true potential, to live your life with purpose and direction so you can transcend the issues which are holding you back?

are you ready to take the next step in a journey that will set you moving on your own fulfilling personal path and change your life forever? are you ready to connect with yourself and the world in ways that seem impossible, but in fact are totally possible and completely liberating?

if you are saying “yes! i am ready to pack my bags, go on a journey to reach new levels of clarity, and step into a happier life!” then this program is for you.

you will be required to show up for yourself and the journey daily. the amount of time you commit is up to you, and you will receive the most benefits for this if you can dive in with an open heart and a genuine desire to go on a journey that has positive merit for yourself and others.


More often than not in life, things do not go as planned and we are presented with a new season and a choice. Whether the new season is initiated by the loss of a job, the dissolving of a relationship, or the death of a loved one, we can choose to deny the invitation to journey that is handed to us, or we can courageously surrender to the season at hand, facing its challenges head on and receiving its blessings in full.

If we see the invitation as serendipitous and divine, the journey on which we embark can be life-altering.



how do i become a Virtual Pilgrim?

if you have any questions about any of this, i would love to speak with you. contact me here and we can set up a time to speak.


do i have to be Buddhist to go on this pilgrimage?


not at all! when i went on accidental pilgrimage in 2014, i had barely a hint of what Buddhism was. i had studied Christianity for the major part of my early life, and then decided to pursue a personal path rather than one tied to any religious doctrine.

after completing the Shikoku Pilgrimage, i began delving deeper into Vajrayana Buddhism because i find it magical and illuminating. however, Buddhism is NOT dogma. it is simply a way to examine one’s existence and apply it to the world with compassion. it is one tool among many to reach spiritual realization.

the only thing you need to be to go on this pilgrimage is yourself—with a desire and a willingness to know your own uniqueness better and further understand how you are connected with the world. we will explore our belief systems in many ways, and transcend our obstacles no matter what they may be. you will return from this pilgrimage with a new sense of purpose and direction, and an expanded sense of truth and faith in your own personal way.


will i really feel like i’m on a pilgrimage?



do not be fooled by the fact that your physical body is not getting on an airplane and walking around various sacred earth sites. if you sign up, you are going.

great Buddhist masters have been teaching for thousands of years that the world is not really as “real” as it seems. science, in particular quantum physics and neuroscience, are now verifying this to be true. we know that our minds create thought and turn it into substance. we know that through practice, we can transform the neural pathways in our brains. we know that all matter is made of energy. that means you, at your core, are energy. you are not solid. if you decide to go on this journey, you will be doing the work needed to change your life. your beliefs about what is possible will change. the world around you will follow and you will be putting one foot in front of the other on the path to freedom.

from Rigpawiki: Pilgrimage is a “journey beyond the human impulse to control one’s experience and an openness to serendipity.”


what are the qualifications for leading such a journey?


i have been training in somatic, perceptual, healing, and energetic practices for virtually all my life. i began dance when i was two years old and from there, have been moving through life exploring what exactly we are made of. i have trained intensively in the Japanese perceptual practices of Butoh, Noguchi Taiso, and Suzuki Method. i have studied all elements of theater-making, including the Viewpoints Method which breaks down the elements of time and space to create collective works of art in the moment of coming together in the studio. i received my MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts, and pursued a thesis in Human-Robot Interaction, culminating in a dance about immigration with a flying quadrotor robot. with my performance and technology collective The Night Bears, we went deep into subtle body and perceptive practices to transcend the physical and understand the coming Singularity. as a Reiki master and interactive artmaker, i was recently invited to Australia to research the energetic relationship between human beings and environmental sites of decay and destruction. i moved out to Crestone, Colorado to continue investigating this relationship and am finding ways to channel this energy to help others heal and understand their interconnectedness to the world.

it is here where we meet and can continue on this journey while engaging in important spiritual research that can literally change ourselves and the world.


isn’t during the end of the year, when there are so many holidays, the worst time to do this?


au contraire, mon frère!

why do we celebrate the holidays in the first place?

they were created to celebrate and connect us to spirit—from the Celtic rituals of protection and prophecy that evolved into Halloween, to a Thanksgiving gathering celebrating survival and unity, to the birth of a Savior on Christmas and a spirit of goodwill, Hanukkah celebrating the triumph of light over darkness, and praising the harvest and collective achievements of Kwanzaa, all of these holidays are there to help us connect to a heightened sense of spirit.

this is exactly the kind of connection that pilgrimage supports as well. going on this journey during what can sometimes be a difficult time (stress, change of season, obligations, and consumerism abound) can bring ease and joy back into a season that has been co-opted by things that distract us from spirit. the turn of the New Year can also be an incredibly powerful time to change course, to take everything you’ve learned and apply it with gusto into a new and evolved year of your life.

you can truly give yourself or someone you love the gift of spirit this holiday season!

if you want to free yourself from your blocks so you can manifest your dreams into reality by going on a journey that is both metaphysical and practical, then don’t hesitate. there are so many benefits to heeding the call for adventure right now. so please contact me if you have any questions or need more info!

Written by lobsterbird