:: Fourth Day Back in NYC ::

you can imagine my excitement when, in a jet lag-induced depression, i remembered that the Health Food Store around the corner sold Tapioca “Pearls.” so i decided to take my happiness into my own tired and slightly hallucinating hands and decided that i would make my own!

over two hours later, and in the process of steeping some tea, i realized what an utter failure this whole mission has been.

1. not all Pearls were created equal.

: not Large. and not for Bubble Tea.

2. even if i did have the right Pearls, i didn’t have the right Straws.

: not Large. and not for Bubble Tea.

but then, in the course of making all the separate components of Bubble Tea (each of which take a good deal of time and patience), i realized that these Straws are actually the right size for these pearls! so bigger isn’t always better, it’s how they fit together!

and now that all the parts are mixed up with each other, i am drinking it and it is quite good! and all the while i am thinking about the analogies between Bubble Tea and other joyous things, the truth dawns on me—Bubble Tea makes me happy no matter what!

what started out as a miserable failure now has a happy ending! (no pun intended.)

: and now i have enough Bastard Bubble Tea to last me three days!

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