i left the Villa because the staff was taking down the decorations that they had erected for Karen and Bora’s birthday celebration. so i came to get food because i was starving and annoyed by Max anyway. (the computer programming software, not some other random person hanging out in the Villa.) when i am stressed out, daytime fasting becomes a nearly insurmountable challenge, so i decided to submit to the hunger.

and i guess i am less annoyed by Max than by my Self because i neglected to get the wifi password from the girls and i have no way to reach them. the staff didn’t know what it was and for the life of me, i couldn’t find the question for the exam (even though i know it was somewhere within the depths of my computer).

so i decided it was healthier to get out of there for a little bit.

i just got distracted by this totally cute café called “Carliz Art + Café,” (which i thought was “Garlic Art + Café,” which sounded equally as good to me).

things i love about this place:

  • they are playing Guns N’ Roses
  •  the tropical foliage growing around the entranceway and framing the busy street— i am able to watch it all tucked away inside
  • my new favorite thing: Ayam Bumbu Bali w/Curry Green Beans and Rice
  • “Dust in the Wind”
  • the adjoining art gallery with the portrait of elephants looking right at me— i didn’t go trekking with the girls but i still managed to find the Elephants of my Desires

and i find out:

  •  i love being by myself

who would have thought, after all those years of being surrounded by people and loving it, that i would enjoy solitude so much? did i have too much of people? or did i never really love that? or am i only now just becoming comfortable with myself enough to enjoy it???

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