:: Spreading our Wings and Learning to Fly ::

  • Most Peaceful, Restful Sleep of this trip – i Slept almost Ten Hours!
  • Finish Computer Programming Final(ly)!
  • Virtual Connection with the World Briefly Reestablished
  • Azoo Waits for me at Breakfast – Good Morning, Friend!
  • Meet Selk and Ajay from Australia
    • Environmental Protection
    • Reconnecting with Nature
    • “I came here to connect with Nature, and with my Self.”
    • Connections between People sharing Energy
  • Bali Coffee gets better and better
  • Coffee stays Hot when it Sits in the Sunshine
  • Solar Power
  • Little Bali Girl peeks at me through the Café Window, then through the Entrance to my Room
  • I think about Javanese Puppets and Playing
  • And so we Play!
  • Puppet Photoshoot
  • Digital Harinezumi Dies a Sudden Death
  • Luna and i go on a Jungle Mountain Walk
  • No Idea where i am Being Led
  • Luna says, “it’s Ok! You with Me. it’s Beautiful!!!”
  • She uses the words “it’s Beautiful” so many times. it is Beautiful.
  •  We Slide through the Mud and she Teaches me how to Fly
  • And Find our Way Home…
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