Part One of Days that Go On Forever….

  • Writing in Pagoda
  • Bali Coffee
  • Making Peace with Insects
  • Goodbye to Puppies
  • Final Puppy Photoshoot
  • Goodbye to New Zealand Comrades
  • Return Moto
  • Solo Trip!
    • Easy! Ease into…
    • Intersection Trouble
    • Letting It Go
    • Muscle Memory
    • Remembering my Center
    • Becoming One with the Machine
    • To Feel True Nature
    • Goodbye to Tugu
    • Getting Lost Sometimes Means Being Found
    • Money Exchange
    • Free Ride Back with Dian—young daughter of Bike Shop owners
    • No Helmets! Free our Minds…
    • Wind in my Hair
    • Talk about Free Spirits
    • Sharing Weight
    • Sharing Smiles
    • Bali Promises
    • Dian says, “See you Next Time!”
      • I Believe it is so…
  • Fare Well, Canggu!

And Now, Moving Onward!

Moving Forward!

Just Moving…

…at Sophie Speed…

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