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Serially Found

Jan realized she needed to get out of there—quick. She was starting to seriously lose it.

Jesus always does save, doesn’t he? Jan joked to herself, feeling grateful for the intuition no matter where it was coming from.

She reached for her phone. “Still in NJ?” read a mysterious text message.

She hesitated. Jan hated the phone and never answered calls or messages when she didn’t recognize the sender. Losing all her contacts last year when her phone died complicated her neurosis.

Yet somehow, she was compelled to answer.

“I am! But do you mind telling me who this is?” Should I put a smiley emoticon in there?

Jan really hoped she wasn’t giving a stalker or serial killer confirmation of her number and whereabouts.

“It’s Allie! Are you interested in house/petsitting? Not sure what you’re up to lately and maybe you want to break from New Jersey :)”

Thank God, it’s Allie. And she used a smiley emoticon.

“Maybe…when would you need me to come?”

All of a sudden, a pang of recognition hit Jan like a comet. She was becoming familiar with this feeling.

Some of those Bible worshippers might call it the touch of the Divine or something. Maybe “The Hand of God?” The new age freaks call it synchronicity, I think.

Allie lived in New York City. Just yesterday, Jan had been debating going back to the city. There was a Reiki workshop she was questioning taking on April 25th.

Jan was introduced to energy healing through another strange turn of events. Six months before, Jan had quit her fancy job at the investment bank out of a panic that she had never actually lived her own life. She took off by herself and went to Tokyo to work for a Japanese company. Realizing she was still bound to a life not hers, she quit that job too, and hung out on a precarious limb.

After quitting the job in Tokyo, Jan got really sick. She felt like her entire insides were disintegrating and she could barely move. Her landlady found her lying on the floor and after a couple weeks, took her to a tiny doctor’s office in the back streets of Yotsuya. Lying on the table, Dr. Haseyama put his hands all over Jan’s body.

It was the least creepy I’ve ever felt with a guy touching me like that.

 Then, her life changed.

“Reiki,” whispered Dr. Haseyama.

That’s when the signs started coming. If Jan listened closely enough, certain things would be repeated as if guiding her. She hadn’t heard any clues for a long time now, since she had come back to her childhood home.

Then Allie texted and she felt the comet hit.

I’ll die if she tells me to come April 25th.

The smiley face quote bubble popped up on her screen and before she could even tap on Allie’s message she read, “April 25th.”

Maybe I really am going to die today.

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