Personalized Pilgrimage

A World of Freedom 

✨Full Sovereign Embodiment✨

Become the Leader You Were Born to Be

Want access to your own personal healer and spiritual guide to your soul sovereignty? To align your outer reality with your internal creative truth? To unlock your own personal wormholes to get you where you want to be at warp speed?

Goodbye to the days of listening to external gurus.

So long to coaches and consultants who can’t advise you to access your own inner wisdom.

No more being subject to the mental and emotional conditioning that causes suffering in the physical world.

You have everything you need to liberate yourself from the prisons that are keeping the world oppressed. If you see the world’s problems, that means your own freedom is a vital part of the solution. It takes going outside that which you’ve ever experienced to find complete freedom for yourself.

It is my honor to guide a new kind of leader into the fullness of their being. To co-create a new earth—starting right here and tending to our own energy.

Pilgrimage is the fastest path to transformation.

Once you directly experience true beingness for a sustained period of time, you can integrate it into your daily life. You come to embody your true sovereign nature in every moment.

Plus, you get to go on your own uniquely curated pilgrimage experience! This is my zone of genius and I will fully utilize it to unlock yours.

Oh the places we will go!

We will dream into being all three key areas of your life: health, career, and relationships.

We will do things together you may have only imagined could be possible.

We will be active co-creators of magic and miracles!

I’ve witnessed miracles happen in less than one day. You will have my unconditional support for a year. (Or until you don’t need it anymore. It could very well be sooner than you think.)

I will only accept visionaries who understand that they are pure energetic potential unfolding according to their conscious awareness. You’ve got to know what is possible for your life and have a heart bursting with compassion to see it come to fruition for all beings. This is the alchemy of discernment and faith that it takes to know if you are truly ready to go beyond what the world would have you believe is true.

The world’s liberation depends on our own commitment to attaining enlightenment. This personalized journey will guide you on your own unique path.

If this sounds like a dream come true, if you feel full body tingles, if you want to see how it can all be possible, email and we can connect. ✨💌✨

I look forward to embarking on this incredible journey created especially for you.

“My teaching is not a philosophy. It’s a result of direct experience. The things I say come from my own experience. You can confirm them by your own experience. I teach that all things are impermanent and without a separate self. This I’ve learned from my own direct experience. You can too. I teach that all things depend on all other things to arise, develop, and pass away. Nothing is created from a single original source. I have directly experienced this truth and you can also. My goal is not to explain the universe but to help guide others to have a direct experience of reality.

Only direct experience enables us to see the true face of reality.

~The Buddha in “Old Path, White Clouds” by Thich Nhat Hanh~