Energy Medicine for Animals

Open a New Dimension of Possibility

Supporting, Loving, and Caring

For Animals

Experience Communion, Build Connection, Explore Co-Existence, and Discover the Freedom to Heal

I was all set to travel for my dream job in Tokyo, Japan when the most heart-crushing thing happened. My magical mustache cat, Salvador, was rushed to the emergency room. His white blood cell count was dangerously low and he had mid-stage kidney failure. He was throwing up everywhere and the doctors kept him overnight hooked up to an IV, infusing him with fluids. They told me he had cancer and that he probably only had a few months to live.

I was devastated and contemplated canceling the trip. However, I knew that he would be in good hands with my mother, Sumi, who is a natural medicine woman. We grew up without health insurance and survived it through home remedies and a whole lot of love.

So Salvador stayed alive, while I went to Japan. It was there that my destiny unfolded and I discovered Reiki, a form of energy healing. Reiki activates natural healing processes, harmonizing on all levels. I dove into this work to become a Reiki Master and developed my energy healing skills to encompass so much more. But not before bringing it to my dear Salvador and witnessing his miracle recovery.

Over six years later, he is still very much with us. Dare I say, better than ever.

Was what I did with Salvador responsible for his recovery? That question sparked my quest to share this healing art with people and animals worldwide. I’ve since attuned many incredible humans to become Reiki practitioners. I use energy work as an integral part of my coaching practice to help changemakers do the work on the planet they are here to do. I’ve also practiced it with a wide range of animals—from professionally petsitting all across the U.S. to working with reindeer in the hills of Mongolia to healing trauma in abused elephants in Thailand—I have not yet met an animal that hasn’t demonstrated a positive response to energy healing.

What a great privilege to be able to navigate these worlds and connections between humans and animals, these beings that mean so much to so many people. So I decided to activate this energy for those interested in accessing the inherent ability we all have to care for our animal friends at the deepest level.


I am over-the-moon excited to bring this profound training to a small group of devoted animal lovers this spring.

Out of Sight Alpacas is our gracious host and it is going to be jam-packed with joy and healing wonder for all their animals!


Saturday April 25, 2020 (raindate Saturday May 2, 2020): 10am – 6pm


Morning: Essential training for healing with animals

Lunch: Bring a packed lunch and we’ll picnic outside at the beautiful community farm table

Afternoon: Continue training and hands-on experience with our surprise animal guests

+++Nature Walk with your very own alpaca guide and friend. We’ll put our healing magic to the test with these unique beings!

Throughout the day, you will receive the level one Animal Reiki attunements that will be sealed in you for life. It is a great opportunity for animal care professionals to have an additional service to offer to their clients or to start caring for your animals on a deeper level.

You will walk out of this with a heightened awareness and capacity to commune with animals of all kinds. The healing gifts you will be able to share and receive are boundlessly inspiring. The possibilities are infinite and we will be co-creating a world where animals and humans can co-exist in love.

Anyone has the power to experience this depth of love. Join us at Out of Sight Alpacas and I’ll show you how!



$200, paid in full to reserve your spot. Cancellations will be accepted up to two weeks in advance.



You need no previous experience or training to participate.

There is limited space of 12 people maximum. We are keeping it intimate so everyone gets personal attention and feels thoroughly trained to head out into the world with confidence.

Book Your Spot:

Here’s a few additional testimonials from other animals I’ve worked with:

One more…

A petsitting stint in Colorado:

B came home and said, “What did you do to my cat?? She was always so aloof and never really liked attention. Now she cuddles and is so much more attentive. I can’t even believe it.”

Needless to say, they were repeat clients.

This is Ling, before Reiki and after Reiki. ✨👈😻❤️✨

I could tell you countless other stories…and I will if you join us for the Energy Medicine for Animals event!