Creativity Consulting

Discover the power of your imagination 

to unlock all the answers to every question

you have about the way forward

Creativity Consulting helps you get unstuck and move towards the dreams you have for your business, project, and life

By freeing your inherent creativity in any situation, you can unearth the solutions needed to transcend. You have the answer. Let’s unlock it.

In just three powerful Wormhole Sessions, you’ll:

✨know what’s blocking you from the area of your life that will generate the most momentum (and how to remove it!)

✨plot out the next steps needed to fulfill your potential (and take them!)

✨see magical results from inspired action

✨be at a whole new energetic frequency with more ease, focus, and joy

What is a Wormhole exactly?

Normally we operate on linear rules of time and space. We think we have to trudge the steps from Point A to Point C to get to where we want to be. At best, it feels like hard work. At worst, it feels like achieving our dreams is impossible.

This takes a lot of energy and can leave us feeling depleted and confused. But it doesn’t have to if we use our energy in ways that accurately align with who we are at the deepest level. We are quantum humans that can clear away whatever is between where we are and where we want to be (Point B). When we eliminate Point B, we can fold the space-time continuum. Point A and Point C fold up and are right next to each other. You enter the Wormhole you’ve created and voila! You can reach your dreams at warp speed.

In fact, Wormholes are all around us. They are being created all the time. Most notably is the one available within your own heart. Dive in here, and this Wormhole will take you to the deepest, most fulfilling places of your imaginative capacity. There is no better journey to take.

Creativity Consulting

This is a low investment, high impact way to heartstorm your way to success in your current endeavor. It can be in your business, project, health, or relationship. We’ll get laser focused to open up the clearest path to your dream.

I do an extremely limited number of these packages each quarter:

3 Wormholes used within 3 Months + Customized Trainings and Support = $999

If you want to achieve your current dream at warp speed, click the button below and let’s get started!

Anti-Racism “Serviceship”

As part of my own personal decolonization work, I am offering one of these spots to a BIPOC for either a partial or no cost. If you’d like to know more about why, you can read more here: Decolonizing Life

If you are a BIOOC who needs some extra support to get going on your current project, career, or life goals, click the button below and I am happy to be of service.