Virtual Pilgrimage…to Mars!

Power. Purpose. Potential.

A transformational experience of turning intensity into fuel for change

Now is the time to slow your role, get crystal clear on who you are, and take laser-focused action towards co-creating the world you wish to see.

Let’s do it together—traveling out of this world so we can fulfill our purpose in this one.

Are you feeling the intesity of these times?

The world is literally on fire, being flooded out, blown over, and eroded to its rawness. Many humans are at capacity—freaking out, scared, angry, triggered by everything, even the littlest things like how the grocery store shelves are organized (or not!) or that little thing that their family member said that set them off into an emotional upheaval.

Know what I mean?

Maybe you’re experiencing it yourself or in the people around you. And perhaps you’re simultaneously experiencing the awareness that we are in the midst of great change. That we can utilize all this energy to co-create a world of peace, abundance, and well-being for all. That if you yourself make the shifts needed in your own life, the world will shift as well.

If you sense that, you are right. And I’m holding space for a small community of peace warriors who are ready to do exactly that.

If you want to join me, we’ll utilize this time to get crystal clarity on what our role is in this movement. Achieve our dreams and desires with inspired action. Know via the certainty of our own souls that we are actively co-creating the world we wish to see.


Want to explore this powerful space together? Then read on for how to embark!


Why Is This Important Now?

Well, there’s lots of reasons, but one very potent one has to do with a much-anticipated astrological happening in 2020: MARS RETROGRADE.

Mars is known as the Ruler of War, and we can expect heightened tensions, inflammation, and power struggles from September 9 – November 13.

We perceive this planet backing up as we attempt to move forward with some of the greatest issues we’ve encountered in this lifetime—between the upcoming presidential election in the U.S., COVID, restoring social justice, economic uncertainty, and ecological upset.

(I mean, did you see the sky in CA the day after Mars went Retro? The rusty orange overlay looked as if we were ON Mars, mirroring how intense energetic perception can be.)

This is all a part of The Great Purification, i.e., 2020. Mars is close to us and amplified in his home sign of Aries. There’s lots of fire heating up our emotions, interpersonal dramas, and even burning through some physical locations. (Sending immense prayers to those being affected by the wrath. We will all be touched by it on some level or another. May we navigate our experiences safely with grace 🙏🔥❤️✨)

A retrograde tends to shine a light on the shadow side of a planet. For Mars this means exposing the corruption that turns passion into obsession, desire into greed, and power into oppression. People seem to want to speak about it in terms of good and bad, but if there’s anything I want to impart, it’s that ultimately, we need to transcend that polarity and rest in the still space between. That is our true nature we are remembering/returning to. At all costs, it behooves us to burn away anything that prevents us from being all that we are.

That said, here are some Mars Rx experiences that may seem “bad”:

🔥you may be feeling tired, irritable, or frustrated.
🔥those around you may seem competitive, combative, or confusing.

🔥world events/issues may become intensified, increasingly polarized, and downright chaotic.

Here are some that may seem “good”:

💥you may feel energized, driven, and ready to take on the world.
💥you could more easily align with your deepest desires and join forces with those in resonance.

💥the external situation may catalyze you to speak out, take action, and actualize your whole reason for being here (purpose, potential, liberation!!!)

How any planet affects you is extremely personal depending on where it is in your natal birth chart. Not to mention all the compounding factors of what all the other planets are up to. And there is a lot of intense activity right now!

Here’s the thing: nothing is inherently good or bad. The only thing that matters is how you choose to respond to what’s happening with the utmost presence. What seems bad might be just the situation needed for you to learn that life lesson that will change the game for you. Charging ahead with blazing action might lead you face first into a battle you’re not meant for.

We can best find our way using a compass of unconditional compassion and care. Our patience will be tried. Most people will resist this. However, I declare: what an opportunity to strengthen our intuitive senses and power up from our personal resources!

It’s up to each and every one of us to go inward and understand what it is we’re truly made of. To become the leader of our own life and pave new pathways for the emerging world to unfold. If attended to with proper care, that world could be one where we co-exist in peace and freedom for all beings.

I’ve been preparing for this for a long time. It’s my fiery passion and purpose to assist in co-creating this new earth. There’s many who are ready for this. I say: Let’s do this!

What’s a Virtual Pilgrimage?

A Virtual Pilgrimage is a transformational experience designed to guide you to uncharted places in your consciousness. To embody all that you are, all that you are capable of. These adventures lead to shifts in your health, relationships, and career in the most beautiful ways.

Each journey is co-created with the specific pilgrims on the journey. The experience is incredibly personal yet experienced in a safe, loving community of kindred spirits. Our energy combines to create potent ripple effects into the collective. It is both magical and insanely practical.

I can’t actually tell you exactly what will happen or how it will unfold. The mystery is a crucial part of any transformative journey!

What I can say for sure: by joining us you will be contributing to what the process actually is. There will be gatherings, energy transmissions, and soul activations. We will explore all levels of mind, body, and spirit, and integrate them into a new form of human experience.

I will share wisdom currently surging through—practices and teachings reserved for this inner circle that you won’t hear anywhere else.

You will tap into your own unique wisdom and power that will serve you to the utmost benefit on your path.

We will go to Mars so that we can get a different view of Earth.

We will discover where Mars lives in each of our individual bodies and triggers our nervous system, so we can work with these energies to harness our personal power.

We will travel through the Mars Retrograde, U.S. elections, and out of a wormhole that will activate your highest clarity of purpose and inspired actions to fulfill it.

Are you ready to answer the Call to Adventure and blast off to Mars?✨

For You Who Like More Details Before Pressing a Button and Blasting Off Into Hyperspace


The journey begins as soon as you answer the Call. (That basically means immediately. The sooner you dive in, the more time you create for yourself.)

It will end in the end of November at the exact right moment. (We’ll know it together.)

Investment: $333 (Which btw, is about a third less than these journeys normally cost. Because, hey, 2020 is super intense and this one of my ways to practicing kindness. If you’ve wanted to work with me and shift your capability to receive abundance, now would be the right time.)

Serviceships: There are a limited number of opportunities to participate at partial or no cost for those in need. These are reserved for primarily for BIPOC and extended to LGBTQ+ or peeps with disabilities, depending on availability.

I don’t feel I need to explain why it’s important to examine privilege and level the playing field in whatever ways we can. But if you have any questions about that, I’d be happy to respond.

If you really want to know more about what a Virtual Pilgrimage is and why it works, there’s more here: say whaaaaaaaaat? (Please note that some of the technical details in that write-up are different.)

What else do you really need to know that tapping into guidance from your soul info, spirit guides, or inner wisdom won’t tell you?

If you’re here and have read this far, you know you’re here for a reason. The Universe makes no mistakes. Use your wise discernment to take risks that will propel you down the right path. This is one adventure that will do that for you if you are called to go places you may have only imagined were possible.

Choose Your Own Adventure by clicking the button that best applies to you!

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for you to challenge the status quo and chart your own path

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It's Really Okay to Follow Your Dreams

Indeed, it’s what the world needs right now. You have a vision. Your intuition guided you here. You are wise beyond measure. I see you. You are stronger than you know.

It’s better to do it together.