The Hero’s Way

Develop the clarity and confidence

to break free

from the role you’ve been told to play

and do the work you’re here to do

A guided process for serving the world in alignment with your soul’s calling

You’re probably what I call “multi prismatic”—creative, curious, open to what life has to offer, yielding a wide variety of skills, interests, passions, and maybe even abilities that you sense are there but aren’t 100% sure of?   

You’re probably smart, and maybe even so smart that you “chameleoned” yourself into a respectable career and convinced yourself that was okay…until now.    

Perhaps you were even successful doing something you love, but now it’s morphing and evolving into something totally unknown as of yet.

Maybe you were so crafty you’ve evaded the “real” world for a long time, finding ways to get by and make your art…but now you realize you could put those powers to use aligned with your soul’s calling.  

Either way, you know now that you can channel your energy into that thing that you are here on the planet meant for. Something that helps change the world for the better. And you sense that’s the only true way to attain vibrant health and financial freedom—it’s on your own terms.   

No more can we sacrifice ourselves on the altar of responsibility. Instead we must take full responsibility for our own energy and boldly create what’s calling forth from our hearts. 

If this is you, my friend, you’re in the right place. The world needs us more than ever. And you have a unique path to your creative sovereignty. Sometimes we need a friend to walk that path with us. Someone who has been down this road before and can help us see our potential and the clarity of the steps we need to take. Frodo didn’t throw the ring into the fires of Mordor solo. There’s a whole community of Heroes waiting to support you to do what might otherwise seem impossible.  

We take a rare multiprismatic approach—to do all things in tune with your biorhythms (which include those of the earth and the cosmos) in a clear way that flows with your own unique energy stream.

That starts by getting clear on the possibilities (which happen through the Hero’s Way process), through energy work, unearthing imaginative breakthroughs, and learning business fun-damentals. Then, you choose the most aligned and efficient courses of action to embark on right away.

This is a long game—and by that I mean a sustainable one to financial freedom. It’s probably not going to happen overnight…although it might! Depends on your karma and where you are on your path.

You’re probably not going to “make 6 figures in 6 weeks!” Although you might! Depends on your karma and personal path.

There’s tons of programs out there that will promise that. Who knows, they very well might work for some people. But everyone is going to use testimonials from the few who achieve absurd success. I know because I’ve been one of those testimonials. I’ve also seen people struggling on the other side and left behind in favor of systems that don’t work for everyone. So my approach allows for you to have your own version of success at your own pace.

You are the wormhole you’ve been waiting for.

I only work with people who aren’t bewitched by all that razzle dazzle. Who truly want to create something wildly fulfilling that serves the world—which means it has to be sustainable for our financial lives and the ecosystem at large.

That’s who I’m meant to serve. I know I’m speaking to the few and far between. The ones that can see through the spectacle and feel a genuine calling to co-create from their hearts.

If that’s you and you need the support and training so that you can be a sovereign creative innovating a new way, I’m here for you as a guide and this is the course to take.

Our journey together includes:

✨The Hero’s Way digital course: the critical business fun-damentals that are both enjoyable and are largely missing from many entrepreneurial programs. (I know cuz I’ve taken them!)
✨Energy work that is the critical basis for success in any endeavor—be it your business, health, relationships, or life. (I created this specifically because I saw this lacking in all of the biz trainings I encountered.)
✨A Virtual Pilgrimage—whaaaaat!
✨Personal support from me on group calls.
✨Individual support tailored to your needs in our group.
✨Community support in our group forum, so you can heartstorm the path and actions that are most aligned for you to take.
✨The support is unlimited and ends only if you want it to!
✨A customized plan so you can emerge into the world as the hero of your own story, ready to lovingly transform the status quo and attain financial freedom while doing it.

Do you dare answer the call to the greatest Hero’s Journey ever?

Enrollment is $3000 – This is special COVID-19 pricing. Goes up next round.

Your journey begins upon acceptance of your application. Click the button below to ask any questions or if you know you’re ready to embark. ✨💕✨

No Money?? No problem!

There are so many amazing opportunities for startups and small business to gain access to creative funding right now. It’s up to you if you’re really serious about attaining financial freedom. If so, you’ll invest in yourself or, at the very least, look into your options!

We happen to have one incredible option for you right here.

If you know you want to join The Hero’s Way and just need the funds to say “yes,” perhaps our funding partner can help. I personally know and trust these people, so I’m sharing their info with you. They have LOTS of different channels for you to get the money you need to get started. There’s zero risk to inquire and they have the means to help you get your business started or moving again with the energy of prosperity.

So, are you really ready to do what you came to this planet to do??

If so, click the button below and fill out the form. It literally takes 30 seconds. And a real human will call you and walk you through everything you need to be well on your way.

Your potential awaits:

check out this video
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about the magic we’re activating
and how this might be the thing your soul is asking for

this video
illuminates the details
about everything else you were wondering
and how this can support you to do what you came on this planet to do

we find ourselves in scary times
this video shares
why this is coming up
and how to utilize these times so you can thrive

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It's Really Okay to Follow Your Dreams

Indeed, it’s what the world needs right now. You have a vision. Your intuition guided you here. You are wise beyond measure. I see you. You are stronger than you know.

The only way we can do this is together.