:: 6.6.12 (same same + each other) ::

~ Sitting in the Bird’s Nest for Sunrise ~

i have been so blessed to be able to, in ten days, see the sun set over the beaches of Canggu and watch it rise again over the mountaintops of Mount Batukaru. to hear the sounds of the chickens crowing, the insects fluttering, motos in the distance, something diving into tree branches…what is that? a giant bug? no, it’s my first bird! could that really be the first bird that i’ve seen here at Bali Mountain Retreat (and all while sitting in what is called The Bird’s Nest???) it sang a little song. i stopped myself from killing a mosquito. a single tear fell from my right eye.


:: 6.5.12 or 5.6.12, Depending on Where You Are ::

  • Another Sweet Sleep
  • Get Out my Trekking Pants
  • A Half-Hour of Yoga that Turns into a Full One
  • A Fully Delicious Breakfast – Literally Breaking the Fast
    • Scrambled Eggs, Marinated Tomatoes, Veggies, Toast, Best Fruit Salad that i have Ever had in my Entire Life
    Selk and Ajay are Joining! G’Day, Gede! (Our Happy Guide) Mount Batukaru Temple Stories of Siwo Nyoman (forgive me gods for the possible misspelling, as Gede mentioned these are mostly legends passed down through oral tradition). Siwo Nyoman is the Bear Man God who Lives on the Mountain and Appears to Scare those who do Bad Things. (We Make Offerings.) Nature Protects Itself Thinking for the Future Gede: “Bali people are always planning everything carefully.” Planning for Goodness. Tasting the Fruits of the Jungle The Day of Venus Passing over the Sun – Male and Female Energy in Union, Selk and Ajay’s Anniversary – an Auspicious Day! A Musical Mountain Rice Paddy Parade Over Stones Through Village Old Village Woman asks Gede if I am a Boy or a Girl. Oddly, this Brings me Great Happiness. The Duality in me in Apparent. Hot Stone Massage Surprise Traditional Dance Performance from Local Balinese Girls Gede and I Sit Out Back Smoking Cigarettes and Sharing Stories – he Learns of the Lobsterbird, I Hear of the Balinese Songbird who visits his Home – the Betjitja CLICK TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE

:: Spreading our Wings and Learning to Fly ::

  • Most Peaceful, Restful Sleep of this trip – i Slept almost Ten Hours!
  • Finish Computer Programming Final(ly)!
  • Virtual Connection with the World Briefly Reestablished
  • Azoo Waits for me at Breakfast – Good Morning, Friend!
  • Meet Selk and Ajay from Australia
    • Environmental Protection
    • Reconnecting with Nature
    • “I came here to connect with Nature, and with my Self.”
    • Connections between People sharing Energy
    Bali Coffee gets better and better Coffee stays Hot when it Sits in the Sunshine Solar Power Little Bali Girl peeks at me through the Café Window, then through the Entrance to my Room I think about Javanese Puppets and Playing And so we Play! Puppet Photoshoot Digital Harinezumi Dies a Sudden Death Luna and i go on a Jungle Mountain Walk No Idea where i am Being Led Luna says, “it’s Ok! You with Me. it’s Beautiful!!!” She uses the words “it’s Beautiful” so many times. it is Beautiful.  We Slide through the Mud and she Teaches me how to Fly And Find our Way Home… CLICK TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE

i just met Richard, who owns the Bali Mountain Retreat. he moved from Holland to Australia at a young age. he said that he doesn’t necessarily affiliate with the latter country because of its politics and because it never felt like home. i guess no matter how long one lives in a place, sometimes it just never becomes home. and then there are other places that become home in an instant. Richard has been in Bali for the past 8 years, and he basically started the life that i have been dreaming of since starting this leg of the trip.


driving through the city of Tabanan, i closed the window. there is not good air here. it feels different on my face. this Lobsterbird is becoming so sensitive to these subtle shifts.

< ooh, i meant to put on my Salonpas (which is becoming a sort of travel ritual), and forgot in the hubbub of leaving the Villa. but i just saw a sign (a literal sign in front of a shop) that i should still do it now. >

ahhhhhh, sweet menthol relief.

thank the gods for signs or how else would we be able to navigate through life?


Villa Surya Abadi

= House of the Sun Life Forever

~ Wayan, my driver to the Bali Mountain Retreat ~

after a lovely evening with the girls last night, i am on my way to the Mountain!

Karen asked me this morning if i felt nervous…

my answer was no— and i truly feel that. i checked with myself a few times to be sure. and after doing yoga this morning, i feel so centered, breathing into my core…

as i do that, i realize that my belly feels a little wonky…is it the infamous Bali Belly? i should take extra care even though i see those food carts by the side of the road and my heart leaps out to try whatever those fried triangles are and those dishes with the mysterious foreign monikers…