dakini power

The Great Dakini Pilgrimage: A Journey of Truth

Colorado: August 21 – September 2, 2019

dakini power

Hi Dear,

I’m so happy you’re here!

Below are the details for the upcoming pilgrimage to Colorado (and beyond) this summer…

What Are These Pilgrimages?

Lobsterbird and her League of Heroes are stepping out as a new generation of leaders to level up in their businesses, heal their lives, and change the world. Check out their bestselling book on it!

Together we embark on pilgrimages all over the globe. Each pilgrimage is a rare opportunity to explore sacred sites, hidden nature gems, local villages and cultures. Also included is the internal journey to the core of your being where you discover who you came here to be and remove the obstacles standing in the way of you and your Soul Mission. Last time, these astounding healers and changemakers completed another life-changing Hero’s Way Pilgrimage to Thailand. They purified lifetimes of karma and programming that had been holding them back from fully embodying their power. All while healing elephants and their own hearts.


if you are ready to free yourself of blocks that are preventing you from living a life of magic, then this is for you! we are stepping out on a metaphysical and practical journey that help reveal purpose, direction, and manifest your dreams into the world around you. the Pilgrimage Project embarks next week and i would love to take you on a transformative journey without even needing to leave home.


On Fear:

(or rather, Off Fear)

usually when i need to use the bathroom that is located 10 meters from my sleeping quarters, i hear that crazy frog and i imagine that someone is going to leap out from behind the glowing purple Buddha and kill me. i start to panic. sometimes in situations like this, i will go so far as to start running (or walking fast to appear as if i am not running. when really, i am).

tonight after i brushed my teeth and washed my face, i entered the open area between the bathroom and the boudoir. i took a deep breath and said to my self, what do you have to be afraid of? look at all this! as i opened my arms and raised my face to the night sky, the cosmos came rushing down to meet me. look at all these stars! clear as if i were in the sky itself! and i kind of am in the sky! i am on the top of a freaking mountain! and the moon…like something out of a painting! and i swear i can see trails of stardust!!!


Bali Magic Continues Through the Night

  • Toshi Leaves for Japan
    • Paul: “it’s like the puppies that start to get taken away.”
    Writing, Musing, Planning, Plotting, Blogging, Reading, Reaching Out
    • How is it only 2:30pm??? 
    • Karen: “Bali time is Rubber Time.” 
    Restful Meditation Learn html Shoot Lobster Bali Adventures
    • Collaborate with Paul
    • Make Friends with our Neighbors
    • Entertain the Locals
    Share Poolside Beers w/Stephen & Paul Gender Talk Gratefulness that Everything We Do is Right Practicing Extreme Non-Attachment Reconnecting Dinner at Deus Ex Machina A Bottle of Wine A Lobster Night Swim Suspension of Consciousness to Create an Ending— in other words, a New Beginning


Today’s Morning Magic

  • Moto to Tugu
  • Most of the Gang is here
  • Virtual Chickens take to the Sea
  • Kokokoko! (???)
  • Flap Flap Om
  • Competing for Waves
  • Finding a Friend
  • I Stand 3 Times!!!
  • I Ride one most of the Way in
  • Battle Cry!
  • Conquering Demons and Soaring to New Heights
  • Kissing Dolphins in the Water
  • Team Yellow Birds
    • “it’s because we are Asian! …and mine is half yellow, half white!”
    Avocado Lassi – an unexpected delight Cliff-Top Post-Surf Mega-Feast

  • Banana Peanut Butter Honey Jaffle, Banana Pancake, Fettucini  Carbonara –> so good!