Freedom to Transform 

✨The Fastest Path to Transformation✨

Are you ready to go beyond what you know and usher in a new level of consciousness??

Lobsterbird and her League of Heroes are stepping out as a new generation of leaders to level up in their businesses, heal their lives, and change the world. Check out their bestselling book on it!

Together we embark on pilgrimages all over the globe. Each pilgrimage is a rare opportunity to explore sacred sites, hidden nature gems, and commune with local villages and cultures. This is a physical portal for an internal journey—deep into the core of your being where you discover who you came here to be. To remove the obstacles standing in the way of you and your soul mission.

There is an even easier way to do things—to run spiritual businesses that are in complete integrity with ease and prosperity, to cultivate loving and whole relationships with our families (both blood-related and soul-related), and to embody total states of health and vitality.

But first we must leave the known and journey to places beyond.

Have you experienced moments of insight, intuition, clarity, and connectedness?

Have you ever wished these states could extend into every moment of the every day?

You can, but it requires you taking a leap and doing something extraordinary. Something that provides a sustained experience of this energy. Something that allows you to be in full attention and awareness to this world and whole other realms.

This is why pilgrimage is the fastest path to transformation: it’s set up to evoke the necessary experiences your soul is asking for.

You return home with this energy integrated into your being.

You’ve changed.

And your whole world changes with you.

Next Pilgrimage is to Bali in Winter 2021! 

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Co-Create the Next Journey With Us

every pilgrimage is co-created by the particular beings who say yes to the journey.
your imagination and intentions feed into the process. you bring your unique guides along to help light the way. send your energy forth and let’s see what magic we can create together!
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