hello there. i am a Lobsterbird.

Peace Lobsters

the Hapa people of Hawaii have saying for the Fishbird, a creature of inherently mixed ethnic identity that goes like this:

A Fish and a Bird could Love each Other, but Where would they Live???

this crisis of duality leads to some very interesting questions about Home, Identity, Love, Connection, and Creation.

as a nomadic artist, my work is about exploring these threads between polarities and finding the magical place where they can exist equally and fully—a place that begins in the imagination and materializes around us in the unexpected spaces of our daily lives.

as a person, i am half Asian, half White dude. (for more on that, attend to the blog. hint: half the story can be found here.) i also identify as Queer. my art and identity are as ever hybrid as my ancestral roots. i am a storyteller in a myriad of forms—i write, dance, sing, speak, and puppeteer. i use my body, breath, voice, words, silence, and images to communicate. and i am fascinated with the ways in which human innovation increases our ability to reach across space and time to find one another. i use technology as a medium—the ways in which this can happen are infinite and vast.

my identity as the Lobsterbird was gifted to me just as the other facets of my being were bestowed as well. as i travel around the world creating art and finding a community of other creatures who are interested in making it a better place, i hope to share these stories with you.

dear reader, i hope to find you somewhere thriving along the way…