To the Mountains we Ride!

Villa Surya Abadi

= House of the Sun Life Forever

~ Wayan, my driver to the Bali Mountain Retreat ~

after a lovely evening with the girls last night, i am on my way to the Mountain!

Karen asked me this morning if i felt nervous…

my answer was no— and i truly feel that. i checked with myself a few times to be sure. and after doing yoga this morning, i feel so centered, breathing into my core…

as i do that, i realize that my belly feels a little wonky…is it the infamous Bali Belly? i should take extra care even though i see those food carts by the side of the road and my heart leaps out to try whatever those fried triangles are and those dishes with the mysterious foreign monikers…

oh, by the way, i had breakfast this morning with Neelam + Karen + Carmen…

Neelam seemed disappointed that i wasn’t eating (i am daytime fasting, but more on that later) and because we had mentioned eating breakfast together the night before, she had made extra eggs for me. so i just released my need to fast and released into Neelam and Karen’s fantastic scramble.

i figured that i could “yes” to breakfast and eat the eggs, get some protein for my big trip, and everyone could be happy. fasting the rest of the day is more difficult when i eat something, but hey, i love a good challenge.

and Wayan just offered me a candy that was purple and said “Texas” on it, so i decided to “yes” him too and see where that led me.

: even though i don’t want to, i say “Yes, and…”

sucking on that candy revealed that that is exactly what the rest of this trip is all about—releasing into wherever i find myself and saying “yes, and” to my self and to others. i almost called the others “strangers,” but i think it is, perhaps, more helpful to think of myself as a stranger…this is likely to be the truth.

this will be a fun experiment! i feel no fear, only quiet joy, anticipation, and a small burp encouraged by eggs, candy, and this bumpy but beautiful mountain ride…

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Written by lobsterbird