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Are You a Spiritual Leader, Healer, Artist or Changemaker?

Do You Have a Message of Hope and Healing that Needs to Reach More People?

If so, you can join in on an adventure of a lifetime to experience huge transformations in your life and business, while exploding your message out to those who need you.

Lobsterbird and her League of Heroes are stepping up as a new generation of leaders to level up in their businesses,  heal their lives, and change the world. Check out their bestselling book on it!

Together we embark on pilgrimages all over the globe. Each pilgrimage is a rare opportunity to explore sacred sites, hidden nature gems, local villages and cultures. Also included is the internal journey to the core of your being where you discover who you came here to be and remove the obstacles standing in the way of you and your Soul Mission. Last month, these astounding healers and changemakers completed another life-changing Hero’s Way Pilgrimage to Bali. They purified lifetimes of karma and programming that had been holding them back from fully embodying their power.

It was shocking in the best way possible. Especially because it was so restorative, fun, and filled with love.

I believe that there is an even easier way to do things—to run spiritual businesses that are in complete integrity with ease and prosperity, to cultivate loving and whole relationships with our families (both blood-related and soul-related), and to embody total states of health and vitality.

The next pilgrimage is headed to the great Kingdom of Thailand. This sacred land is calling us to step up and be of service. We are going to work with the noble Asian Elephant. These sensitive beings are in need of our care. There are less than 40,000 left in the world, putting them on the Endangered Species list. These mighty majesties have much to teach us about compassionate leadership, the divine feminine rising, and opening up our psychic gifts to serve the planet.

Being sent on a Spirit Quest to do seva (service) for the Asian Elephants of Thailand, I had little idea of what that meant, only a remembrance that I had been here 10 years ago. At that time, my heart was calling me to ride elephants in the jungles of Chiang Mai, which dramatically changed the course of my life in an amazing way. I have returned a decade later to make reparations with the elephants—asking forgiveness for riding them and serving them with tremendous gratitude.

The majority of elephants are used for human gain and exploitation, suffering tremendously from the bull hooks and crush boxes that destroy their spirits and dominate their will to be free. By returning to their presence with a new awareness of how riding them (or watching them paint, perform in circuses, or sell sugarcane on the streets) contributes to the cycle of harm, I am galvanizing all my resources to save their lives and create more awareness for their situation.

Their treatment is an extension of how we treat ourselves and the rest of the living world. 

The elephants helped me remember my Soul Mission in a big way (as they are tremendous beings with excellent memories!) I am committed more than ever before to sharing what I have learned about clearing and healing our energy on personal and collective levels (and thus creating entirely new realities we’ve only dreamt of.) Empowering the next generation of leaders with very practical tools will liberate themselves and all beings from further cycles of abuse.

If that weren’t enough, there’s a BONUS on this pilgrimage!

We’re filming the adventure for a Spirit TV Series featuring Lobsterbird, the League of Heroes—and potentially YOU!

The pilot for Modern Magic will be have major online distribution upon return from Thailand, with a guaranteed reach to tens of thousands of people in your target audience. It’s an incredible opportunity for you to receive more exposure for your work and business, serving the beings who need your gifts and services. (Including the elephants!)

Not everyone is attuned enough to hear the call to go on a life-changing pilgrimage. Not just anyone is brave enough to answer it.

If this resonates, know you are being called to truly transform your life and become the leader you’re meant to be. If you dare answer the Call, join Lobsterbird, the League of Heroes, and the Asian Elephants in Thailand for a pilgrimage that will change the world.

Email Lobsterbird at magic@lobsterbird.com to receive an application. We’re currently interviewing women now and would love see if one of the last spots is meant for you.

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If this resonates, email Lobsterbird at magic@lobsterbird.com. Look forward to seeing the magic we can create!✨

Written by lobsterbird