Abiding is an in-between experience. Because of that, it gets less attention. It’s not a peak event such as arriving or departing or even an intentional action such as accumulating or releasing. Lacking an obvious drama to pull you in, it is easy to miss or ignore or avoid.

But if you do place your attention on the liminal, allowing yourself to feel the threshold-space of richness of neither here nor there, you discover that this is where the magic happens. It’s when things start to cook.

A good yoga brew is made of the universal elements of heat and exertion, breath, sweaty muscles, and strong bones. In life, these same ingredients show up as tears and love, anger and fear, hope and confusion, sometimes nausea, sometimes heartbreak, sometimes joy.


DAY 5 – Sophie’s musings on the Koumaria Residency, Greece

Human Improvisations:

  • Conversation
  • Sex
  • Eating
  • Breathing
  • Death
  • Everything we do?

is anything ever set?

i am having an issue with my body. i have a kind of illness at the current moment. it invaded my body and it is making it difficult to operate in my “normal” manner. it is creating changes from the inside-out. to me, they are super obvious and they feel really extreme. i wonder if anyone can tell. perhaps on the surface, maybe i seem dull, maybe even unpleasant. but it is because my body is one of my primary tools (for artmaking and survival) and when it isn’t in prime condition, everything feels difficult.