Phase Out Book

Reviews for my new book! Phase Out: A Secret Guide to Finding Work that Frees Your Soul

“I thoroughly enjoyed my journey through this book.  Sophia provides practical, insightful advice on how to reframe challenges into positive experiences.  Her personal experiences are both inspiring and touching.  The book also contains exercises to help you get clear on how you truly want to live.  It is a must read for anyone interested in tapping into their full potential and living a joyful, purposeful life.❤️”

~Tracey Duffy~

“Being acknowledged in Sophia’s book caught me by surprise – As a teacher, there is no greater responsibility or honor than being some part, however large or small, of a student’s journey. With Sophia’s Virtual Pilgrimage, the tables turned and she became my guide and teacher. When you let yourself live with her book, you will meet yourself and open to possibility, presence and love.”