allowing rest in transitions, traveling through to the present moment. come with me as i leave Colorado and connect with the world.

: photo by The Night Bears

: photo by The Night Bears

The wind is blowing so hard it feels like I can’t hold on much longer. Even if I do, I can’t be convinced that the tree won’t get blown away itself. My little claws are grasping onto a thin branch as I look down to the depths of where I could fall. In this moment I wonder if it’s worth holding on or if I should just let go…

I’m supposed to be able to fly anyway. But somehow that doesn’t give me the confidence time after time to take the plunge. I remember on one of my trips out East, a Taoist person was spreading virtues of “not doing.” I have to wonder how I can possibly “not do.” If I don’t let go, am I not holding onto things I should let go of? If I let go into a situation that feels dangerous, am I doing what I always do—plunging into risk? The fundamental nature of “not doing” is, in itself, doing something!


:: here’s all i have to say about my last day in Singapore ::

  • bi-continental mixed ethnicity connections
  • stuff my prata
  • the Lobsterbird spills the beans
  • flying through the city streets
  • dreams manifested in the unexpected
  • a flippy flop
  • making room for the new
  • one last share
  • making peace
  • goodbye
  • for now

:: Goodbye Bali Mountain Retreat! ::

i am back with Wayan heading down the mountain…

but this time i am sitting next to him…and Rani & Luna are in the back!

we are headed down to Kuta. i had an inkling that i would end up there…

my first real-life tie to this part of the world came in the form of my dear friend Iman, who is originally from Indonesia and ended up owning a deliciously wonderful restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan called Kuta House. it has sadly closed down, due to overdevelopment that leaves no hope for local culture and small businesses. this theme has come up a lot on this trip and will be discussed more thoroughly a little later in this journey. it seems to be happening everywhere…


Part One of Days that Go On Forever….

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  • Bali Coffee
  • Making Peace with Insects
  • Goodbye to Puppies
  • Final Puppy Photoshoot
  • Goodbye to New Zealand Comrades
  • Return Moto
  • Solo Trip!
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    • Intersection Trouble
    • Letting It Go
    • Muscle Memory
    • Remembering my Center
    • Becoming One with the Machine
    • To Feel True Nature
    • Goodbye to Tugu
    • Getting Lost Sometimes Means Being Found
    • Money Exchange
    • Free Ride Back with Dian—young daughter of Bike Shop owners
    • No Helmets! Free our Minds…
    • Wind in my Hair
    • Talk about Free Spirits
    • Sharing Weight
    • Sharing Smiles
    • Bali Promises
    • Dian says, “See you Next Time!”