Spirit of Abundance

spirit of abundance

The Spirit of Abundance Program:

Make Money with your Art and Turn your Creativity into Cash Flow!


do you want to make this your ultimate summer of love, abundance, and fun???

can you imagine what it would be like to generate a thriving income from your artistic endeavors? are you an artist, performer, creative, healer, spiritual messenger, teacher or work in a field of service? how much easier would it be to make a difference in the world if you had the income you needed to take care of all your financial needs, and more?

believe me, i understand what it’s like. i was once a multi-passionate person struggling to make my art and make ends meet. i wanted to create work that inspired me and inspired others to create a better world. i had so many interests—i was an actor, dancer, musician, writer, theater creator, stage combat director, studied psychology and sociology, bartended, trained in film and photography, got an MFA in art and interactive technology, worked with robotics, and more! i thought it might never be possible to create a consistent income stream doing the many different things i loved. that is, until i stumbled upon energy healing and creative entrepreneurship and created a new path—one that combines the practical, scientific and spiritual to be in deep collaboration with the quantum field. now i travel the world creating work that stirs my soul. so many people have asked me how i am making money doing what i love, so i created this program especially for you! because you deserve to share your creative gifts with the world. and the world needs you more than ever.

in this 6-week online coaching program, you will learn how to turn your passions into profit while pursuing your soul purpose. you will learn to create the conditions for attracting clients, buyers, patrons, grants, gigs, and supporters to fund your artistic endeavors. after this program, you will be empowered to make a profit to fund your message. your money matters will be aligned with your personal spirit and unique energy frequency. as a result, you will be able to call in what you need to make your dreams a reality. you will be able to make the impact you want to make in the world!

if you sign up now, you will receive a $100 credit for one of my upcoming retreats and workshops, including the Art of Energy retreat in the glorious Catskills of NY, June 9 – 12th at Maha Rose North! after purchasing the Spirit of Abundance Program, you will receive a promo code to apply when you sign up for the retreat.

the Spirit of Abundance Program begins on July 10th, but if you sign up before May 15th, you will also receive access to a free online masterclass series to help get your creative business up and running!

to receive your free Abundance Alignment Session, please click the link below and fill out the sign-up form. i will be able to answer any questions you have and we will see if this a right fit for you: