Let Your Reiki Energy Flow this Summer with the Art of Energy Retreat!

Reiki 1 & The Art of Energy

Art of EnergyThursday evening, September 14th – Sunday, September 17th at Maha Rose North, Hurley NY

with Sophia Remolde

Unplug yourself from the city and connect to your universal energy source!

Join us for four days of quantum connection in the idyllic landscape of the Catskills. Enjoy fresh mountain air and summer sunshine while channeling the energy of nature through your body, mind and spirit. Feed your body with fresh, organic meals prepared with love. Reprogram your neural connections so that you can collaborate with the quantum field. Tap into your soul fire to create your art and a life you love.

If you are an artist, performer, creative, healer, teacher or work in any field of service, the world needs you more than ever to shine your light and share your gifts. In the Art of Energy workshop, you will learn to channel energy so that you can create from a place of ecstatic flow and receive in abundance with ease. It is possible to create you love and make an abundant living from it. When we work with our natural energy source, the possibilities are truly limitless.

During the retreat, you will be guided through movement exercises, meditations, and healings designed to connect you to the quantum field. You will walk away with Reiki Level 1 certification and the necessary tools to heal yourself and others. Your increased quantum connection will shift your current reality to a new realm of health, wealth, and happiness. This transformation of your psyche will generate a lifetime of magic and discovery. These energetic attunements will be sealed in you for eternity.

Go places you thought only existed in your imagination// Transcend your wildest imagination// Share your new creations on an epic level// Share in the healing of our world// Dive into the quantum field and emerge with a new level of creative power!



Thursday Arrivals

-Evening: Orientation + Opening Meditation

Friday – Theme: Energy

-All Day: Reiki 1 Workshop

Saturday – Theme: Mind/Body

-Morning: Perceptual Movement Workshop — get creative juices flowing on the physical level and start to see auras!
-Afternoon: Introduction to Quantum Collaboration – Manifesting Magic + the Spirit of Abundance

-Evening: Partner Healings + Moon Walk – connecting to all that is

Sunday – Theme: Spirit 
-Morning: Reiki Meditation – opening to essence of love, generating energy of protection
-Afternoon: Clarifying Your Personal Energy Path  -Evening: Closing the Circle


 **schedule may vary**


$800 | register before August 18th

$900 | later

4 days, 3 nights | includes all meals, magic, and lodging (transportation not included)

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Sophia Remolde is a multi-prismatic artist, energy healer, wormhole coach, wordsmith, and lobsterbird. Traveling the world as a nomadic pilgrim, Sophia guides others to utilize the art of energy and perception. This work allows the spark of creativity to ignite and feed the flames of a forest fire of enlightenment. Because the quantum field is the source of unlimited potentialities, the work takes a plethora of forms. You can explore some of them here: sophiaremolde.com + lobsterbird.com


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Refunds are available up to two weeks before the retreat begins.

During the retreat, you will receive deep healing from a Reiki Master who has worked with people all over the world, experiencing miracle transformation in their lives. The Reiki attunements will be sealed in for life so you can continue healing yourself and others. You will learn how to make a greater impact with your work, while contributing to the love and harmony of the planet.

The Art of Energy Retreat


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