Every Day is a Magnificent Wonder

Bali Magic Continues Through the Night

  • Toshi Leaves for Japan
    • Paul: “it’s like the puppies that start to get taken away.”
  • Writing, Musing, Planning, Plotting, Blogging, Reading, Reaching Out
    • How is it only 2:30pm??? 
    • Karen: “Bali time is Rubber Time.” 
  • Restful Meditation
  • Learn html
  • Shoot Lobster Bali Adventures
    • Collaborate with Paul
    • Make Friends with our Neighbors
    • Entertain the Locals
  • Share Poolside Beers w/Stephen & Paul
  • Gender Talk
  • Gratefulness that Everything We Do is Right
  • Practicing Extreme Non-Attachment
  • Reconnecting
  • Dinner at Deus Ex Machina
  • A Bottle of Wine
  • A Lobster Night Swim
  • Suspension of Consciousness to Create an Ending— in other words, a New Beginning

Written by lobsterbird