hello mighty readership!

i write to you from the backyards of Harlem, which are less gritty city, more birds singing in the backyard to accompany the dance of dogs and cats rolling in the grass.

dog grass

i am here for a few weeks housesitting for my friends Annie and Seth while they drive around visiting castles in Germany. it’s a good opportunity to get my business in order before heading off on my next adventure out west.

i haven’t been able to post anything here on the Lobsterbird blog since i left for my big “Compassionate Social Action” projects in January. those travels took me to Reiki Master Training in Mazunte, Mexico, to New Delhi, India to practice presence with special needs children and acid attack survivors, and Queensland, Australia to research the earth and our shared energy in Fields of Decay.

we created a process blog for Fields of Decay and you can find all the artscience madness here:

Fields of Decay Mt Taylor


Fields of Decay: mapping energy fields in sites of environmental endangerment


in addition to working on these life-changing projects, i also found my self in Spain and Bali exploring some deep shadow stuff. most people probably go to those places to eat good food and go to museums or beaches. i did some of that too, but i also spent a good deal of time delving into the darkness and working on the business of being free. there are some models for success, but it is largely a solo entrepreneurial endeavor! i did a lot of writing out of those depths and look forward to sharing it with you soon.

i will be headed back out to Colorado imminently. i am super inspired by the strength of the mountains and the spiritual teachers and community i found out there. if you missed the amazing way i got out there in the first place:

Sophi sky cosmos


How I Traveled to Colorado via Magical Lobster Trap


and once out there:

Judith Brown Meyers auspicious Bird


Soaring Fearlessly in Freedom:

Colorado Part 1


Riding Energy

Disappearing into the Emptiness of Each Moment: Colorado Part 5



catching up on the rest of Colorado posts and remaining travels once out there. thank you for being with me on this fantastical journey; more adventures and poetics abound! i hope your summer is off to a great start — Happy Solstice!!

~may your environment reflect where your heart yearns to be~

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