Energy Healing Guidelines

thank you for taking the time to engage in energy work! i appreciate your presence and openness.

some things to know/do:

1. no connection will be made between us via telecommunications. it will be all energetic 😉
2. so put it in your calendar and be prepared at that time (considering your time zone). the best position for you is lying down in a comfortable position or otherwise sitting/lying receptively for the duration.
3. you may choose to put on any music that is soothing for you. or you may lie back and enjoy the silence.

4. if you cannot be fully receiving the whole time, it is okay. however, please note: you will receive the utmost benefit if you be receptive during the entire healing. MOST IMPORTANTLY: please make sure that you DO NOT DRIVE or operate heavy machinery during this window of time.
5. simply lie back, relax, and feel whatever you are feeling. conscious breathing—watching your breath without manipulation and/or deep breathing into any pain or discomfort—also encourages healing. this is a good time for you to process your experience and let whatever comes up to come up (in body, mind, imagery, sensation, etc.)
6. keep a notebook or paper handy nearby and after the healing, write down anything that you recall from the session.

i look forward to meeting you on the quantum level tomorrow. i will touch base after, and hope this healing serves you well 💖

big love,