i left the Villa because the staff was taking down the decorations that they had erected for Karen and Bora’s birthday celebration. so i came to get food because i was starving and annoyed by Max anyway. (the computer programming software, not some other random person hanging out in the Villa.) when i am stressed out, daytime fasting becomes a nearly insurmountable challenge, so i decided to submit to the hunger.

and i guess i am less annoyed by Max than by my Self because i neglected to get the wifi password from the girls and i have no way to reach them. the staff didn’t know what it was and for the life of me, i couldn’t find the question for the exam (even though i know it was somewhere within the depths of my computer).


i am about to hop in a Taksi imminently to stay at the Girls’ Villa Fancy Palace Place for one night…

Neelam, Carmen, Karen, and Bora have all left for an epic day of Elephant Riding and Rafting and seeing Dance Performances and Shopping. i couldn’t go because of an oddly-planned laundry endeavor and because i needed to take the proper time to check out and make my peace with Canggu.

it sometimes seems as if i have been left behind on this trip by various people that i have traveled to stay with. (Toshi off to Japan, Stephen, Paul, and Laura to Lombok, the Girls on their trek) and yet, it doesn’t feel as if i have been left behind, but rather that we parted when it was time to go. so that we can all move forward in the ways that we need…


Today’s Morning Magic

  • Moto to Tugu
  • Most of the Gang is here
  • Virtual Chickens take to the Sea
  • Kokokoko! (???)
  • Flap Flap Om
  • Competing for Waves
  • Finding a Friend
  • I Stand 3 Times!!!
  • I Ride one most of the Way in
  • Battle Cry!
  • Conquering Demons and Soaring to New Heights
  • Kissing Dolphins in the Water
  • Team Yellow Birds
    • “it’s because we are Asian! …and mine is half yellow, half white!”
    Avocado Lassi – an unexpected delight Cliff-Top Post-Surf Mega-Feast

  • Banana Peanut Butter Honey Jaffle, Banana Pancake, Fettucini  Carbonara –> so good!
  • Moto to Massage
  • Casa Spa – I Find a Home Here
  • I Swear this Sweet Little Woman is Standing on Top of Me
  • First Time Breast and Belly Massage = aaaaamazing
  • Facial Excavation – I Believe she Actually Took Off my Old Face
  • Fell Asleep, Cried Twice
  • Sweet Ginger Tea
  • Happy Money Dance
    • “Is that too much?”
    • “Was it not Heaven?”
    • “Yes.”
    • “I believe it is worth $5 to go to Heaven.”
    Fresh Faced to the World Seafood BBQ by the Sea – Giant Prawn, Mahi-Mahi, Calamari, Clams Stark Beer and Hot Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream and Almonds The Sounds of the Waves as we Feast Along its Shores Riding Amongst the Stars Releasing into the Sky CLICK TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE

  • Spending the Day Together in Whatever Way Feels Right
  • Moto!
  • Echo Beach
  • Chicken Satay – Strawberry Smoothie – Banana Peanut Jaffle
  • Sharing Food, Sharing More
  • Open Acknowledgments and Acceptance
  • Temple by the Beach
  • “We are Looking at the Indian Ocean.”
  • Is this my First Time Seeing the Indian Ocean? (Certainly my First Time Surfing in it.)
  • Not Wanting to Leave
  • Lingering Walk on the Beach
  • Beach Physical Comedy
  • Arms and Hands in New Places
  • Moto to Find Horseback Riding
  • I drive the Scooter!
  • Twice!
  • The Second Time for Real
  • The First Down Crazy Quiet Dirt Road
  • Eating Bakso with Shy Bali Boy
  • Best Photos – Photo Shoot
  • Playing Horses with Little Indonesian Boys
    • “I’ll ask them where to go.”
    • “Kids don’t usually speak English.”
    • “It’s okay, we don’t need English.”
    • Cue: Mime Practice
    • And Laughter
  • ::: i love my Singaporean friends :::

     it is my last night in Singapore. we met and talked about a lot of things that i really believe could and will happen: seeing Tim in another two years (my return to Singapore? or his turn to come to NYC???), getting a chance to create work or otherwise be in a show with Tim, Nelson, and Wan Ching, having a building where they can come stay and we can train and rehearse, and…i feel that these things can happen.

    i call this “building my empire.”

    : in Singapore, they shall build their own…


    what is today about?

    being thrust out into the world on my own…

    i remember this feeling from the last time that i came to Singapore and stayed with Tim.

    my tendency is to visit Tim right before embarking on a major journey throughout Southeast Asia. so there is always this mixed feeling of excitement and fear whenever i am here.

    and Tim is always working—a superb working actor! i am so proud and grateful to be friends with such a talented, hardworking, and generous person such as Tim. he is someone who is very successful doing what he loves. i could only wish this for all people. but because he is so awesome, there is inevitably a time in my stay with Tim when he is working and i venture out into Singapore on my own…



    there are few things i love more than bubble tea and robots, let alone robots hugging bubble teas!ComeSingapore.com says it best, “Bubble Tea Never Dies!”

    i found a Chinese food place on the outside subway transfer between Jay Street- Metrotech and Dekalb Ave. between our rehearsal space at One Arm Red and my apt in Ditmas Park. i am drinking it everyday after rehearsal as a ritual in sweet anticipation to go to Singapore and have the real thing…

    ♥♥♥ Bubble Tea ♥♥♥

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