Animal House

:: what animals did we have growing up? ::

 (created the morning i woke up in my childhood bed)

  • Cats
    • Sammy
    • Whisky
    • Shwabby
    • Nowhere
    • Daigy
    • Gypsy(?)
    • Booger 🙁

  • Dogs
    • Vicky
    • Goldie
    • Roxy

  • Very Large Hermit Crabs (3)
    • Kermit is the only one whose name i remember, and i always wonder if he is still around somewhere since my mom thought he was dead and threw him in the garbage. (turns out he was just molting.)

  • Fish
    • Chinese Fighting Fish
    • Guppies from Uncle Butch
    • Jimena’s Fish when she moved back to Argentina
    • My own Aquarium – Tiger Fish, Neons, Sucker Fish
    • Goldfish

  • Sea Monkeys
    • I love Sea Monkeys. I tried to raise new ones in New York but they died in less than two days. I think the eggs were old. I am going to try again.

  • Birds
    • Tweety & Weety

  • Caterpillar
    • Slimy (or was his name Salami?)

  • Mice
    • Science project in 5th grade. Mom got sick of them (and the cats kept trying to eat them anyway), so she released them out into the woods.

Written by lobsterbird