as i was buying little tortes in anticipation of the Girls returning from their epic trekking day and in celebration of the birth of Bora and Karen, i saw this!

and at a place called “Casa” to boot!

while we were in Canggu, we ate dinner at the oddly fascinating “Deus Ex Machina”—part bar/restaurant, part art gallery, part surfboard and bike shop replete with pool tables and an outdoor couch area for lounging. when we went, it was Taco and Tattoo Tuesday (they were giving out free tattoos to the right of the bar). at dinner, Stephen brought up the Hummingbird—an animal that has appeared consistently throughout the course of my life (my grandmother had a strong affinity for the little guys and thus my mother adopted a passion for them as well). i have even been accused of being a Hummingbird because the nature and use of my energy in my little body can be a furious one.


i left the Villa because the staff was taking down the decorations that they had erected for Karen and Bora’s birthday celebration. so i came to get food because i was starving and annoyed by Max anyway. (the computer programming software, not some other random person hanging out in the Villa.) when i am stressed out, daytime fasting becomes a nearly insurmountable challenge, so i decided to submit to the hunger.

and i guess i am less annoyed by Max than by my Self because i neglected to get the wifi password from the girls and i have no way to reach them. the staff didn’t know what it was and for the life of me, i couldn’t find the question for the exam (even though i know it was somewhere within the depths of my computer).


Villa Gitana = Gypsy Villa

i arrived at Villa Gitana and almost immediately proceeded to do yoga. i haven’t done yoga (at least not in the traditional sense and certainly not as my normal daily practice) since i got to Southeast Asia…

my body was in pain from all the traveling, all the surfing and moto biking, from both running around and laying around, and everything in between without much attention being placed on conscious stretching and breathing.

it was really difficult at first. i felt so off balance. my recurring pain on the left side of my neck and back was throbbing. and my new wrist pain in my right wrist (from surfing? from moto? from typing?) was crying out.


i am about to hop in a Taksi imminently to stay at the Girls’ Villa Fancy Palace Place for one night…

Neelam, Carmen, Karen, and Bora have all left for an epic day of Elephant Riding and Rafting and seeing Dance Performances and Shopping. i couldn’t go because of an oddly-planned laundry endeavor and because i needed to take the proper time to check out and make my peace with Canggu.

it sometimes seems as if i have been left behind on this trip by various people that i have traveled to stay with. (Toshi off to Japan, Stephen, Paul, and Laura to Lombok, the Girls on their trek) and yet, it doesn’t feel as if i have been left behind, but rather that we parted when it was time to go. so that we can all move forward in the ways that we need…


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